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  1. If you got here, (if here at all), in Feb 2021, then your USD cost hasn't changed as offset the inflation. Only due to the exchange rate, which doesn't negate inflation for those born here, or got here when it when you got 40-45 baht to the 1 USD, like me, and many others. Along with most things being at least half the price they are now, so yea, i've seen 100% to 300% inflation across the board almost, if not much more for some things. Especially the essential foods, eggs, meats, seafoods & veggies as I mentioned earlier, since arriving, 2000. Use to get three -0- eggs for 5 baht, now you get 1. chicken, pork, beef & seafood price all about tripled, or more. Milk has more than doubled Butter at least 4X as much and smaller packaging, as stated earlier. Buy bulk now to help offset that. And no, I don't think it will go much much higher, and actually surprised it as remained about 35 to 1 USD as long as it has. Mind you, I'm not complaining.
  2. Sadly there's way too much money to be made by special interest groups to push their agenda in a very aggressive way. BLM proved that, made 100's of millions, and the result was the complete opposite. For the cause anyway. Got their 15 minute of recognition, statues, air time, but created an ever larger divide and resentment toward them, in their tactics. Same happening now with the alphabet folks. Shame really as it casts a shadow on some issues that should, could and would have been addressed, and probably in a quicker, favorable way. Shoot themselves in the foot, but organizers are raking in the money, but sacrificing the message.
  3. All look tasty, though most I wouldn't order, as seem to be a challenge to even each. Aside from probably some silly pricing for the selfie with and impractical burger that won't fit in your mouth.
  4. I find people and interaction to be the same, worldwide. All the good, bad & ugly of it. Slight culture difference, very slight, and Thai gals seem accepting any age difference a bit more ... if you're not a smelly, fat, alcoholic slob
  5. EV vs ICEV ... 25 vs 1500+ per 100k vehicles source
  6. Stuffed Puerto Rican (Cuban wo/ Swiss) Cooked the pork & pickled the cucumbers
  7. NO ... don't plan much in advance, booking wise, as weather & seas will affect your schedule. Ferries cancel to the islands quite often if rough, and it is the season for rough. With that, use extreme care 'in' the surf, know what a rip is, and how to get out of it. First timer, I could easily spend 5 days at Ao Nang, Railay, Krabi town, Lanta & Phi Phi each. Really depends on your interest, budget, and or time restraint. ENJOY
  8. A bit premature, as still not law yet ... is it, or did I miss the memo ? "To mark Pride Month and Thailnd’s milestone of being the first Southeast Asian country to legalise same-sex marriage"
  9. Again, where do you come up with this crap. I simply stated ... "minute minority crying" ... defined as a small amount of the total. "weak minded' ... you and 2 other posters do nothing but create things in you mind and repeat them over & over. They're still not true, no matter how many times you repeat them. BYE BYE
  10. I didn't post about gays, (my original post). I posted about a silly headline. Somehow, that went way over your head. Then you brought your usual silliness into the thread.
  11. You really don't read my posts, do you. Your replies aren't even close to applicable. Have a nice day
  12. Reading comprehension .... site was linked in the OP, which I stated, and linked to. And Trump ... really, can no thread continue without him being mentioned. With that ... off topic enough, so why bother as suspect all will be deleted soon.
  13. You forgot to add the pork satay ... a little bit hung up on those 2 post, aren't you. Move on, or come up with some better material.
  14. Doesn't say much about me, but how some things are presented on the internet. You have to admit, tht is one silly A$$ headline. Unless you think CC affects different folks different ways ... that would be a bit telling about you. I really hope nobody is that ignorant or stupid.
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