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  1. I gave up a long time ago, when they started changing the meaning of pronouns. How do you even use 'them' or 'they' in a conversation without shaking your head. Imagine being a sports commentator: #35 they just passed the ball to #3, and them went for the lay up, but passed to #10, and they shot and was block by them.....W T F Riddle me this from a Gsearch:
  2. Nobody loses until you sell ... The only learning curve to investing in the markets, is knowing it's a scam (with few exceptions), only then, can you use the 'scams' and make a lot of money, and retire early & comfy.
  3. When approached at the beach, or anywhere, if ignoring doesn't work, then ... .... No hables ingles
  4. Even noticing or caring about one's appearance, says more about the voter, than the candidate. Total political ignorance is why the world is in the mess it is today.
  5. You want to end gun violence, and or all conventional wars .... ... simply solution would be stop making firearms & bullets. But do consider, the 5 permanent members of the 'UN Security Council' (oxymoron) just happen to be 5 of the 6 largest arms manufacturers & sellers of. A bit of a conflict of interest, and unlikely the world will change in our life time, or the next century or 3, as long as gun violence, war & death is profitable. Those that make the laws, for or against firearms, have their own personal 'armed' security forces. Falls under the '
  6. As long as criminals have them, it would be nice to be able to defend yourself....equally. You're assuming there is never a need to defend yourself with a gun, in our non perfect world. That's not reality
  7. hmm ... wife doesn't work, and I pay for everything .... oh c r a p
  8. On the subject of Xmas, saw a news-blip, Santa in Norway is now gay. I didn't know he and the Mrs got divorced. Say it's not so .....
  9. Depends if airlines or hotel will accept. Don't think there's any gov't rule against it.
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