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  1. Thank you for the compliment. As Camus said "The absurd is lucid reasoning realising its limits". Even Marilyn Monroe considered the absurd of greater value than all being alike as sheep. "It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring"
  2. "Admission fee is 100 baht per adult, 200 baht per foreign visitor and 50 baht per student." Is this Thainess too or simply greed?
  3. all choices are a form of discrimination. Someone with good taste is someone who can discriminate finely. I think governments should discriminate in favour of their nationals and in favour of maintaining their cuture and legal system. I would much raher live in a world with various cultures than one where the globe is uniform and ruled by the scandalised and the offended.
  4. and if every country had the same currency, the same language, the same food, the same scenery, etc
  5. The issue with surveys is that the comparator is the respondents experience. If someonw has never lives elsewhere than Rotherham and Bangkok how much value does his views have in determining whether Bangkok is a better place to live than Melbourne, KL, or Kuching?
  6. were they in the men's or women's lavatory? The trader is evidently a vulgar, violent man, someone else might have tried selling them the video as a souvenir.
  7. Think of the departments in the new ministry ... Department for the protection of criminals (for a fee) Department to contol illegal immigration and slavery (to our benefit) Department for promoting illicit activities (prostitution, gambling) Department to blackmail officials to sharing their gains Department of education - to teach policemen to ignore the truth, the law, and reality Department of human resources or how to reward the best schemes for making more money ....
  8. Thank you all very much. The posts are all to teh point and helpful. I certainly have enough to start my search.
  9. I have seen banks advertising property they have repossessed but not cars. Where would I find this?
  10. I am looking for information and advice. I wish/need to buy a car, have decided 2nd hand is th ebetter option but know nothing about cars nor and more importantly I don't know how to tell if a car is in good condition other than obvious things - rust, paint, noise, etc. There are two of us but we sometimes carry others too plus luggage so a four door sedan or suv would seem sensible. Most of the year driving in the greater BKK area with a few trips to Chiang Mai, Surat Thani, Roiet, Chantaburi. Initial ideas are Toyota because common so easy to find mechanics and Me
  11. The bank, Bangkok Bank, said it needed a contract. There was no mention of it needing a deposit and the contract did not mention a deposit either. If you do pay a deposit, make sure it is into an escrow account with an independent professional party such as a lawyer with a reputation for handling sales with farang. If/when you decide to sell and repatriate the funds, the Bank of Thailand can always find out if you actually bought the property. You could pay a deposit and still not buy, a deposit is not proof of purchase - only the registration at the land office is.
  12. I am not sure if the rules have changed recently or are better applied or simly I used a company that keeps to them. We shipped in my wife's name (Thai). Below are the regulations. You will see that even for a Thai returning home there is import duty on five categories of items: all tools, musical instruments, sports and leisure equipment and furniture, and the second or more of any electrical appliances. I told teh shipper what I had, he estimated the duty at 10,000 Baht. I paid this and they did not even open the container. In theory they are supposed to open bo
  13. The taxes and transfer fees are levied on the land department's valuation of the property, not the sales price or the disclosed price. I bought my condo a few months ago below the land department's value. They asked the seller if he was sure. He paid all the taxes and fees. He also gave them an envelope for having everything ready for us when we walked in at the appointed hour, no queu, no waiting, no disruptions. I did not pay a deposit and we only drew up a paper contract because one is needed at the bank to certify the funds have been remitted to buy a property. The rates a
  14. Not sure about you but I am not a country. I am sure that our Thai would be worse than that of Thais but the article was comparing the proficiency of Thai people taking English exams with that of other foreigners.
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