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  1. Tourists are not the problem with Covid they are fully vaccinated and tested. Covid is rampant in Thailand who have only ever done the most miniscule of testing and are a year behind with the vaccine roll out which is totally flawed anyway with the extensive use of Sinovac to appease paymasters and line pockets which are the main priorities of the controlling few. Focus within on the hapless people of Thailand for the Covid spread not a trickle of foreign visitors.
  2. So gormless! if you want tourists to come and expect them to ignore the rampant Covid pandemic in Thailand a year behind other countries in dealing with it, make it easy as possible to visit, not arranging concerts with no chance of social distancing. Double vaccine, one pre flight PCR and insured would suffice, but westerners also need adequate protection from Thais who should be fully tested and vaccinated to work in tourist areas.
  3. Isnt is now just an antigen test for day two of return somehow booked and paid for on line( difficult with a Thai debit card ) the receipt number on a passenger locator form submitted and copied for check in........still too much faffing about but better than the previous 2300 pounds hotel imprisonment. KLM showing as no pre flight PCR test required if having a vaccine certificate, not sure about other airlines.
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