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  1. No flies on you. Only been here in the Land of Noise 19 years with annual extensions.
  2. I abide by the rules. I go without to make sure I abide by the rules. Why can't others?
  3. Do the crime and pay the price. 20,000 baht fine and banned for 3 years. Good riddance.
  4. Online. Within 15 days. In person 15 days before and 7 days after.
  5. Thailand seems hell bent on opening the country in spite of rising Covid cases. Madness.
  6. He doesn't qualify then. The rules are pretty clear and simple to comply with.
  7. Why do you need an agent? Do it yourself and save money and be legal.
  8. A VOA costs 2,000 Baht and gives a stay of 15 days. British citizens are not entitled to this.
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