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  1. Choice depends on yor priorities. You should rank those in order: power, comfort, ride height, overall size and interior size, noise harsnhess vibration, fuel economy, diesel vs petrol vs hybrid/electric, drive in the city mainly, or take long road trips, etc. I would also consider the subaru xv/forester and replace the trailblazer with those in the list. When we bought our crv diesel, we also considered the pajero sport. At around that time, I drove a family members pjs on on a road trip. I liked it but found it had less space inside - putting the driver seat right back gave me j
  2. Well not all dealer garages will do that work. How much did it cost?
  3. It's assembled in Thailand, and is now outselling the cr-v and cx-5.
  4. Over 4000 bookings made within 24 hours (and price is not released yet). Getting some very good reviews as well. The Chinese are leading the way in EV technology, regardless of what the moaners on TV are saying. https://www.headlightmag.com/first-impression-review-ora-good-cat/
  5. It's also assempled in Thailand, so shouldn't be a big problem getting spares - it was actually the highest sellind suv in it's class last month outselling the crv, cx-5, etc. I like the look of the ora goodcat, but it's imported from China - getting some spares may take months.
  6. A large proportion now are teenage kids getting infected - they generally have low vaccination rates for that cohort. Also their parents make up a significant proportion now. Older persons make up the lowest proportion now.
  7. Because eventually get a covid infection. Most health experts now agree on this. The point of vaccination is to keep you out of hospital or dying.
  8. She may also expect a sore arm. My son had a sore arm after both pfizer shots. He was also tired after the first. But symptoms were less after the 2nd. Many of my students are being vaccinated today
  9. The more under reporting the better (some govt reports estimate 5-6 times) - there is more natural immunity and the actual case fatality is much lower than reported. It's nothing to worry about - just watch the number of serious cases and those on ventilators, which are decreasing.
  10. Is this a new onda city? There have been a few complaints about minor rusting issues - in particular on the underside of the hood. These should be covered under warranty. I'd try anothe dealer.
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