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  1. Wrong about what? The price? I used the swiss implant material. You may see Khun Manop. He does the implant. He's Thai-Indian.
  2. Correct. My dentist said he'd decide that once he opened up the gum. No expensive 3-d ct scan was done. I think the graft was something like 10-15K baht. As it turned out, I didn't need a bone graft (even though the tooth had been missing a few years.
  3. Are you a teacher by any chance? You seem to know a heck of a lot about Thai schools if you are not.
  4. Go to the press if you are not satisfied with the school's repercussions. The school won't be named for obvious reasons, but word will spread as to which school it is. School's always want to stay out of the news for issues like this. Try Amarin tv.
  5. My Bangkok Bank app stopped working last month, as the app now requires android 8 or higher. I had to get a new phone and go to the bank to reset it. But if your atm / debit card is not working, that's another issue.
  6. He won't be going anywhere near a court. He's not in Thailand anymore.
  7. k20type R motors are very expensive. you will be looking to 150-200K; upper price with a 6 speed manual. In your position Id got for a k24A2 from a Japanese accord/odyssey. The civic really lacked mid range torque, and this will more than fill the gap. It would be more driveable at normal speeds than type r engine that will like to be revved.
  8. well our standard city turbo is quicker than out old k20a3, and 50% better fuel economy. The cvt in it is fine.
  9. We sold ours in 2019 and got a crv diesel. Problem with this civic was the air cond compressor. And fuel economy was just 10 km/l, But the engine and gearbox were fine even at 250k kms. We serviced in at the dealer until 200k kms. The new owner still has it and drives it daily. Maybe just get a compression test done on your engine first. You can get a bit more hp from a full intake, exhaust and remap. This is if you are on a budget. If not, drop in a k24.
  10. I have a rough idea of prices for engines...about 65K for the k20a3 (I assume you have the es civic 2004-06). I had the 04 car. The k24A2 + 5 speed from Japan has around 200hp or more and 95 to 115K baht. I think the engine should mate up to the standard 5 speed auto, but with manual it should be fun. I don't know anything about who can do that in Chiang Mai though.
  11. We bought a suzuki swift in 2013..in 11 years i just had to fix the air conditioner evaporator. Most services are 1000-2000 baht. Its MUCH cheaper to maintain that than our honda city or crv. Fuel economy is 19-20 km/l even after remapping and modifications.
  12. A lot....at the Mahidol University dental hospital, the queue is at least 3 months long for implants. I've had 2 done there, about 60K each. People with money do this kind or work. The queue is so long its not even practical to get root canals done there, as multiple visits are needed. Being toothless makes one look poor lol
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