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  1. My car was t-boned from a guy backing out of a shopping center parking space. He was clearly at fault. He did not look. He had one of those huge SUV's and mine was a small Chevy compact. The significant damage and cameras from both cars corroborated the obvious placement of fault. My insurance agreed that the other guy was at fault, but decided to pay for damages to my car AND his. No claims were to be made against his insurance. Reason? The offender "was well-connected" to the local police chief. Those were the actual words of my insurance rep who came to survey the s
  2. BACKGROUND: I've done 60+ 90-day reports over 20 years with few issues. Since the "great meltdown" of 3-4 months about a year or two ago (entire IMM website down), my 90-day online reports have gone flawlessly (except for one time when their "approved" came back 2 weeks after my hard deadline for reporting). CURRENT STRUGGLE Now, my most recent report of November 22 (within the 15-day window) remained "PENDING" for 10 days. Then, I received a "REJECTED" notice. First time ever. No notes in the "remarks" box; no explanation whatsoever. I went over my report with a
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