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  1. The B.I.B. must be pretty pissed with this making the press. Makes it nearly impossible to monetize the situation.
  2. No sex industry here in Thailand. Just ask the B.I.B.
  3. Typical Thai-Media racist reporting. Happy to show the foriegner but pixelate all the Thais.
  4. Maybe if they test a few Thai drivers and not let them go after Tea Money payments then they could do something about the appalling road death toll in Thailand.
  5. What amazing recuperative powers this man has. A few months ago he was so ill he couldn't possibly live in the monkey house. His medical condition was so poor he had to stay in a hospital.
  6. " The man was not wearing a seatbelt at the time." I rest my case your Honor.
  7. This is just another Thai politician/official making claims to do something but has now idea whatsoever how they will actually put those claims into action.
  8. I love the 6 monthly visits to Walking St & Soi 6 Pattaya by the Police heirachy who then proudly announce "No sex workers or prostitution going on here". Tea money sorts out all the sex-worker issues in Thailand.
  9. I for one am sick & tired of the Thai Media (Including english only ones) jumping straight behind the locals and editorialising about EVIL FOREIGNERS even when all the facts are sketchy at best. I travel to Thailand twice a year and treat myself to a high end hotel stay in BKK at the end of my stay. Every time, without fail, the cabbie tries to charge me 3000 - 5000 baht for an early morning ride from Sukhumvit to Suvarnabhumi Airport. I just throw 500 baht at him (even that is too much) and walk away. They carry on a bit but when I mention "Tourist Police" they always back off. I can not, and do not condone violence but I can understand someone losing it when time and time again these parasites try to rip off the unsuspecting tourist, backed up by corrupt police. It seems it only escalates to physical intervention when there is alcohol involved.
  10. The authorities will be busy making up some cock-a-maney story so as to try and not to further tarnish the already poor reputation of Koh Samui.
  11. Funnily enough, that is the one that had already drawn my attention. Just wanted a few other ideas in case I missed the best one.
  12. Looking at fitting an instantaneous electric water heater to supply two showers at same time. I want to fit outside of bathroom and adjust water temp by mixing hot/cold water. Can anyone recommend a make &/or model?
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