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  1. Most of the time in Thailand all public , bar and restaurant toilets are a disgrace and not cleaned or maintained as are many major road service stations . Often no soap or drying paper and taps that do not work , broken toilet seats and cisterns . The country seems to not have any control on hygiene standards. The exceptions maybe if you stay in a decent hotel or visit the main airports .
  2. Make sure you lift the toilet seat , before doing your business , to check they are not under the seat , cos a centipede bite on your dangly bits would be painful and put you out of action for some time .
  3. My recent flight to Thailand from the UK stated that the PCR test cert had to be within 72 hours of the airport check in . That then would mitigate any flight delays that would otherwise invalidate the cert time scale permitted .
  4. I agree but if only it were that simple . Reason being is that there are fake vaccine certs now being used and can fool even the most experienced I.O. and when faced with a long queue of arrivals there is much duress to clear the lines . Now if the vacc certs could be scrutinised prior to departure and stamped with a traceable unique QR code that could be scanned in an instant , that would make the certs almost impossible to fake or pass scrutiny .
  5. A link would be helpful , especially for the unskilled d.i.y. er but thanks anyway
  6. Your reasonable comments demonstrate why there will be not too many tourists going to Thailand in the near future . Confusion or what ? plus the ever changing rules will make booking a Thai trip a real pain in the axx . Also of course we are only looking at the Thai rules and not considering that our home country could make new rules that could throw a spanner in the works . I think waiting for at least 6 months is the way to go .
  7. Considering that much of the western world is seeing a spike in infections and their vaccines were far more potent than those used for the majority of vaccinations in Thailand , the re-opening of bars to the masses will result in a new wave of infections in Thailand that will become evident with or without testing and publishing results or not . For that reason alone is why the Thai government is delaying re-opening of bars - in my opinion
  8. Not forgetting that Thais who are returning to Thailand do not have to have a PCR test 72 hours before their flight . What sense does that make ? if they are positive the whole flight of passengers will be affected .
  9. The pink section 2nd from the bottom says Thai nationals are exempt from taking a PCR test 72 hours before travelling . Have I missed something ?
  10. I could not believe it was that high and a quick Google search found the article below . Also to make such a survey it can only be taken from registered employers not the stand alone self employed person . I reckon ita nearer 7000 baht a month Wages in Thailand increased to 14609.09 THB/Month in the second quarter of 2021 from 14385.86 THB/Month in the first quarter of 2021. source: National Statistical Office of Thailand
  11. You could have waited another 2 months before posting and that would have given you an impressive 1 year or is that a bridge too far ? Also there is social drinking which many of us indulge in and happy to do so and of course there is the secret drinking which is concerning . However the amount of alcohol consumed is the main factor . I never touch the top shelf cos I cannot handle it and get terrible hangovers . I drink every other evening and have 4/5 small cans of Chang . No hangovers , don't talk xxxt and do not get in trouble with my lady . I really enjoy a cold beer at about beer
  12. But as long as they are wearing unstrapped hard hats and a high vis vest its OK it seems . I often see a group of construction site workers wearing the above along with flip flops , then welding with sunglasses and grinding metal without any protection , not to mention the scary scaffolding . I have never seen high rise window cleaners using ropes in the UK cos they are in cradles suspended by wires from an electrical winch . The UK does use rope access in certain jobs and the operators are well qualified and on good wages . I used to subcontract work to steeplejacks who always had a s
  13. So what happens if you are seriously injured in a road accident . Will you get life saving treatment without a financial / insurance inquest , or are you put to one side ?
  14. Given the latest covid stats from the UK , the uncommitted Thai statements , plan B in the UK being discussed , winter approaching in both countries , plus all the paraphernalia of the newly disguised C.o.E., possible quarantine in expensive hotels on return to the UK and not forgetting if you have a negative test on arrival to Thailand or if any other passenger on your flight tests negative , you could spend most of your holiday in a hospitel that you never that you never booked . Too many risks for my liking . Not to mention trying to get reimbursed for flight and hotel cancellations ,
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