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  1. Well that is a surprise , where are they for sale cos I never seen them . Are they legit or dodgy ?
  2. If the minister is really concerned he could try to allow nicotine patches , gum and pills . All 3 are effective at reducing the nicotine craving but not accessible in Thailand , unless you know better .
  3. Most , if not all of your points are valid , however as I said in my post earlier we will never understand the Thai way of doing things . Your comments come from a westerners perspective and that is my point . You know as well as I know , you cannot apply western logic here in Thailand . I also think that there is a puppeteer in the background who is a major influence on Thailand's future and I will go so far as to say that the whole of Asia will be affected sooner or later . Indeed your listings are comprehensive but just from the lack of care to address some of the items , just shows what c
  4. Do not underestimate the actions of this country's leadership . They made their intentions loud and clear 4 or 5 years ago to clean the place up E.G. Pattaya etc and turn it into an upmarket holiday resort that will be suitable for families . The powers that be are stubborn , inconsiderate for others sufference because of their actions . They are well aware of western ways but choose to ignore them because their illogical ways are correct in their eyes . We will never understand Thai thinking as it is alien to us and much of it is based on religious beliefs and culture . It is well known tha
  5. Amlodipine , My doctor has just put me on them 10 mg . Do they narrow the arteries ? Thanks for the info and I will get in touch with the Chula hospital . I was in a wheelchair , then a walking frame but now I can walk unaided about 200 meters , albeit a little unsteady . I wish you all the best and thanks very much for your help .
  6. Many thanks for your reply . I have a suspicion that the above in bold could be my problem and I have been Googling to find a hospital to carry out the procedure . Can you advise where you went for the op and how much was the hospital fee please ? How are you feeling now ? has the dizziness gone and your balance restored ?
  7. You hit the nail on the head . Thai government are taking a massive gamble , same as poker " all in " bet , so what could possibly go wrong ? Travelling to Thailand for a holiday and the need to comply with ever changing rules is both confusing and risky . Risky why ? The reporting of covid stats is not convincing and I choose my words carefully . Even if you are double jabbed with a good vaccine you will come into contact with many unvaccinated people and those that have been jabbed will mostly have received a weak vaccine . Also , coming into very close contact ( wink wink ) will certainl
  8. May I suggest you proof read your post as it makes no sense , especially the writings in bold print .
  9. Your original remark said " Whatever you say. Aspirin is more dangerous than it helps." Please post a link to support your statement . Certainly not on any medicinal guidance leaflet . Why try to influence readers with your unqualified opinions . I do not pretend to have a medical background but as a layman I can spot an uneducated view . I trust and take heed from my doctor who recommends that I take a baby aspirin every day . I am well aware that aspirin may not be good for everyone but you cannot generalise .
  10. What field of medicine are you involved with that qualifies you to make such a comment , or is it just a personal opinion ?
  11. When you stopped taking aspirin , did your vertigo stop ? so what blood thinners do you take now ? Reason for my interest is I had 2 strokes last year , now on statins , baby aspirin and amlodipine 10 mg and I have dizziness and loss of balance as soon as I stand up
  12. Your having a laugh huh ? People who are vaccinated are 70-80% less likely to catch the virus or spread it around . If they do catch the virus they are less likely to suffer the extremes of the virus potency and less likely to end up in hospital putting a burden on doctors and nurses . Also you are not immune just because you caught the virus previously . You can be infected again . You will find yourself isolated from some social sectors . E.G. entrance to nightclubs , sporting events , air flights and some countries will not issue visas . I and others find conspiralists difficult to unders
  13. Speaking as a UK national , how can you book a foreign holiday with any confidence at this unpredictable covid time . Worse case scenario , you book and pay for your hotel and flights and then the holiday venue has an increased infection rate that brings hotel closures and flight cancellations and you are faced with trying to get reimbursed . Secondly the UK declares that your holiday country is going on the red list within 4 days and any returning arrivals to the UK after that date must quarantine in a quarantine hotel at over £2k . Someone on your flight tests covid positive meaning all pa
  14. I agree that there are tourists and non tourist visitors to Thailand and a good enough reason to separate their entry requirements . Many countries are relaxing travel restrictions having had over 50% of population vaccinated and if travellers must have had 2 jabs and a pcr test prior to flying , that in itself should suffice flying needs . The cons are there are fake vaccine certs on the web . The fake certs are difficult to spot . Mr PCC is taking a big risk opening the night scene and it reeks of desperation . Why ? because 20% of the countries gdp comes from tourism and a similar % of
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