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  1. O.K. whippy! then the title need to be change! I'm sure that will make a huge difference to the dead boy! " You can't cure stupid "
  2. Didn't the official in the South say they only want the Pfizer? 500,000 doses of what? more Sinovac they don't want!
  3. I believe the poster is asking THAI WIFE dying and the Social Security benefit in Thailand not abroad? Yes his question is very lacking in information but that is how I took it.
  4. Only the French in Thailand know?
  5. As noted depending on location? you can sign up no harm meantime depending on your location if you are an expat old over 60 years of age walk into a location tell them you been under a rock and not know anything it might just go your way and get the pfizer?
  6. One moment it is this then moments later Oh! I need to check with my bosses in a meeting today. No Quarantine free to travel but wait fellas, before that happens you need to get insurance don't complain I lower the amount, get tested on arrival before that happens I'm going to make you wait in line for hours to be process with hundreds of others side by side, then to make sure the economy is running I'll hire hundred of buses to transport you to your ASQ hotel for one day. We surely can't have everyone after testing just hop into a taxi although vaccinated wearing a mask when you get there
  7. Mr. Puppet, nice to hear but can you check with your BOSS Mr. Anutin who might be running for office against you? he said the opposite yesterday that you still need to PCR test on arrival will be taken to a number of special location for the testing must have a reservation at one of the many ASQ for one day until the results come in and that includes by Air! When you two sort this mess out and open and be very clear with everyone say and print this! " Thailand to open just have proof of vaccination and PRC results before arriving, NO INSURANCE, NO TESTING WHEN ARRIVING, NO NEED TO
  8. When it comes to Dental clinics I don't feel Covid -19 should push them to adopt cleaning procedure they should already been in place covid or no covid. Many sanitation procedure were established due to H.I.V. many of the recommendation are obvious once a person walks in if you don't see it turn around and walk out. Of course in Thailand everything is based on the Honor system there isn't anyone who will ever check the reason the suggestion or reminder is being renewal " This is Thailand "
  9. After reading this article I got a real bitch itch even at my age if I was at the temple I would never Thailand or not stand by and watch! I got that itch! living in Thailand for all these years with Thais and I know there are people like this everywhere but I've seen more than my share of Thai women hooking up with trash and I mean trash they can't seem to go through life without a dick to lay along side of them each night. These type of guys are the lowest of the low and that is how the law should treat them.
  10. Another useless idiot Minister stepping forward to make a statement! Open or not if open maybe slowly and not sure where and when!
  11. Giving a bad name to Children! These rules come from Children to keep track of Children! Somehow with all the health insurance ads it is no surprise they can't seem to let go of the insurance there must be a hell of a lot of money being pass back and forth in this industry! There are 7 condition within 6-7 is the big question that is still unclear! You need to take a PCR test on arrival so the question is the claim " NO QUARANTINE " but you need to have a hotel reservation? Currently with travel in Thailand for anyone especially Thais ( rumor ) done this rec
  12. Regardless of it being Thailand! You or get a lawyer to check the ordinance of the area as noted your wife goes through all the channels when exhausted ( hopefully not ) you fight fire with fire and you don't need to spend what he did go get yourself a 4000 baht boom box place it right at the end of your property and turn it on whenever there are customers! I did something similar years ago a new neighbor next to my apartment building drinking all night with the music loud and I mean loud everyone ask nicely. The guy went to bed around 6am when he did I pull out the boom box fro
  13. Consistent and expected another bet in the bank! Not always true they say in the market past performance doesn't guarantee future returns but these leaders when they open their mouth and predict, promise 99% of the times you bet the opposite rarely does one loses!
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