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  1. When it comes to Dental clinics I don't feel Covid -19 should push them to adopt cleaning procedure they should already been in place covid or no covid. Many sanitation procedure were established due to H.I.V. many of the recommendation are obvious once a person walks in if you don't see it turn around and walk out. Of course in Thailand everything is based on the Honor system there isn't anyone who will ever check the reason the suggestion or reminder is being renewal " This is Thailand "
  2. After reading this article I got a real bitch itch even at my age if I was at the temple I would never Thailand or not stand by and watch! I got that itch! living in Thailand for all these years with Thais and I know there are people like this everywhere but I've seen more than my share of Thai women hooking up with trash and I mean trash they can't seem to go through life without a dick to lay along side of them each night. These type of guys are the lowest of the low and that is how the law should treat them.
  3. Another useless idiot Minister stepping forward to make a statement! Open or not if open maybe slowly and not sure where and when!
  4. Giving a bad name to Children! These rules come from Children to keep track of Children! Somehow with all the health insurance ads it is no surprise they can't seem to let go of the insurance there must be a hell of a lot of money being pass back and forth in this industry! There are 7 condition within 6-7 is the big question that is still unclear! You need to take a PCR test on arrival so the question is the claim " NO QUARANTINE " but you need to have a hotel reservation? Currently with travel in Thailand for anyone especially Thais ( rumor ) done this rec
  5. Regardless of it being Thailand! You or get a lawyer to check the ordinance of the area as noted your wife goes through all the channels when exhausted ( hopefully not ) you fight fire with fire and you don't need to spend what he did go get yourself a 4000 baht boom box place it right at the end of your property and turn it on whenever there are customers! I did something similar years ago a new neighbor next to my apartment building drinking all night with the music loud and I mean loud everyone ask nicely. The guy went to bed around 6am when he did I pull out the boom box fro
  6. Consistent and expected another bet in the bank! Not always true they say in the market past performance doesn't guarantee future returns but these leaders when they open their mouth and predict, promise 99% of the times you bet the opposite rarely does one loses!
  7. A good example! Thailand banks upgrade your security system number one reason I'm uncomfortable in putting more money in their banks than I need! When it comes to getting a refund it is like putting teeth here?
  8. What is the Pillsbury dole boy talking now, the way he is going on here sounds like he was listing his so call accomplishments better than trying to list all his screw up's! sounds like the interview was more he is making a run at the PM spot. I did this I did that I created the world and life!
  9. I assume this will happen after Dec 1st? What GoGo will it be held to promote? or will it be exclusive to only the elite the same elites who started the last outbreak in Bangkok?
  10. Hey governor it has been months maybe it is time to wake up! If and went you have to close it is too late! The problem in your province has been from day one YOU allowing or doing nothing at the front of the line which is prevent the illegal migrants working in these factories without being tested and vaccinated. When you have to close the factories it is a bit too late! By the time you find out an individual is infected they have already infected their co-workers who after work venture to the nearby wet markets to do their shopping which is exactly where the outbreaks are coming!
  11. You got to give this one to the Thai leaders! Not having the balls to say to the CCP your vaccine is junk if it was really good they wouldn't still be locking down their people and putting such restrictions on them. So they use a term " current stock finish " they will continue to buy if not Sinovac then it will be Sinopham at inflated prices so they can shave off the top then give it to their illegal migrants workers and hope for the best.
  12. When it comes to Thailand " Clear " that is what concerns me the most? I watch a video yesterday on the English version what might be discussed today to my surprise and announced in a few days if consistent with what I watch and heard there might be some good news but not enough for me personally. What I got there was zero mention of any Insurance. But you still need to apply through the Thai Embassy permission C.O.E. Thailand Pass whatever they want to call it? The country they list will not need to be quarantine, those not listed will have to reserve 1 day quarantine at a ASQ
  13. Based on the past history of these leaders I'm putting my money come Nov 1st not much will change for getting back into Thailand. The name has changed Thailand Pass based on their history I will certainly PASS!
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