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  1. An off topic post has been removed along with replies.
  2. Wow! An honest Thai politician. Now we just need the rest of them to admit they have no idea about many of their other policies either.
  3. That is assuming they had any actual plot to follow in the first place. The continuous change of stance and incompetence makes you feel a blind man being assisted by Marcel Marceau could have performed better.
  4. Given the entire reputation of the country is on the line, budget should be the least of the issues, if of course they were in any way serious about bringing him back. Oh! Silly me.
  5. Faint sparks of understanding of reality and common sense starting to poke their way towards the surface it seems.
  6. Anutin doesn't need evidence before opening his mouth and allowing rubbish to spew forth. The booze with food thing is ridiculous. I have seen many eateries absolutely rammed with people, yet this is OK, while a beer or wine with a meal in a quiet restaurant is not.
  7. It's not just Thailand but a wonderful snub to multiple autocracies and dictatorships out there that try to pretend they are a democracy. They might fool the locals, but not the world.
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