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  1. Ah ok, got it, yeah agreed, incredible amounts of grey. We're used to ineptness but at a time like this if those 2 departments are communicating then that's a whole new level of stupid.
  2. I got both shots at Karon, was given the attached after the 1st. Went for the 2nd Saturday and they filled in the same paper, gave it to Chalong hospital yesterday and got the certificate.
  3. Can you keep us posted re getting your yellow book filled in? Cheers
  4. It's actually about the 3rd or 4th time a similar things happened in Rawai in the last couple of months, apparently arranged by a certain bar owner with friends that own high end condos, the ones that weren't reported were at at Vilas with keycode locks and somehow the BB got the codes....each time! Those nabbed had 2 options....
  5. That's because he's assuming it wasn't and he's more than likely correct. JAFO!
  6. I wonder if any other medical institute around the world have discovered this......or just Phuket.
  7. Those poor family's in the shacks with no power or water that own the jewelry shops will be pleased!
  8. You're in the Phuket local news section, so yeah, for us it's good.
  9. beechbum


    I live in Phuket and a friend from Korat's asked if anyone can recommend a good plumber or company (in or near Korat) to install a water tank, pump and associated pipe work? Any help much appreciated, cheers in advance..
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