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  1. I contacted Roojai, but I'm too old for their covid cover.
  2. Not a problem I will ever experience in my lifetime with my $25 suitcase from K-Mart.
  3. Has anyone who took out this covid insurance for 850bt late last year renewed it for another year? I know it's not actually by Roojai but with another Thai insurance company. But I'm just wondering if they are renewing it and if the cost has gone up.
  4. Yep, great idea, ease the restrictions, and in a couple of weeks if the Sth African variant gets out around the world, you reintroduce all the restrictions again, probably seal borders.
  5. I'm in KK and have had 2 jabs of AZ and wouldn't mind getting one of those vaccine passports, the one with the 50Bt fee, so has anyone got it in KK, if so some details please.
  6. He suggested that from here on in things would only get better and that "at least 8 million tourists would come to Thailand in 2022". Yeah, well, let's just wait and see what happens with the new African super variant before you go counting all your unhatched chickens.
  7. Are all flights out banned? I sure hope so. But read today South Africa and some other African countries have been put on red list, which means they travel but must quarantine upon arrival, if that's the case then this new variant is going to spread around the world fast, and we're all, quite frankly, fckd. If all flights are banned and a total harsh lockdown (Aussie style) then we will probably contain it and it should just burn out.
  8. I wouldn't do it now due to covid. There's more anti-foreigner sentiment in Thailand since covid. A xenophobic parent could well get concerned about a "dirty farang" potentially infecting their children with covid and make complaints to the police or health department. I also live in a small village in NE and I've also been asked by teachers to come to the school and do some activities, but I'm not interested and tell them why.
  9. Thais will not see it that way. To them you have either had 2 jabs of vac or you have not. If the latter then you are an unvaccinated alien and a menace. That's just how it is. So as already stated, get vaccinated or stay home.
  10. Thanks for the details mate, very helpful info.
  11. Details please. Where in Pattaya did you do this?
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