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  1. So is a pfizer shot in Phuket approved in Australia? Are they free? It's amazing how they (bkk hospital) can actually organise a mass vaccination like this while providing such little information. There seems to be no media releases or posts regarding this pfizer thing. I got the sms last night to go to the mall and get jabbed. But can't even clearly tell whether i am eligible or if it is free. So weird
  2. For the last few years I have worked offshore on yachts around the world and lived in Thailand on non o visas based on marriage to a Thai. I have actually been here since 2012. Often times the boats will be in Thailand anyway. During the last entry to Thailand earlier this year it was much much easier to just get the "special tourist visa" with the rest of the crew rather than apply for a non o separately to everyone else. The former option was handled in bulk by the boat, using the boats insurance and quarantine arrangements etc. The latter option was me trying to do it al
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