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  1. You, like many others, seems to like things black and white. Biden good, Trump bad, that's it. I, on the other hand, want good and bad information about all of them. All in all, I think Biden is by far the better choice, even if he is a bad choice. Biden has moments when behaves like he is demented. He talks (maybe only for seconds) like an idiot. He tries to shake hands with not existing people, etc. Maybe if DEMs supporters would know more about this, then maybe they would understand why people want someone else than Biden. Maybe they would even force the party to look for a younger, fitter, candidate. Trump is obviously a maniac. But sometimes he is right. I.e. when he talks about the swamp in Washington, he is talking about reality. There is a big swamp. Trump doesn't mention that the swamp includes the GOP and he is obviously not the right guy to solve this problem. But he has a point, there is a deep swamp. And some people hear that and agree with him and vote for him for that reason.
  2. And what do you think about omitting news? It seems many news stations, including CNN, don't show things which are not positive for "their side". I.e. sometimes a friend send me videos from Biden when he talks rubbish, can't find his way from the stage, or plays with the hair or little girls. It seems for MAGA fans that is news. But CNN won't show some demented behavior. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  3. Obviously you are right. And obviously that is very sad. But lets not forget that fox "news" would not exist if not millions of Americans would watch it all the time. As far as I know they are very successful. What should we think about the citizens of a country who actually want to see that cr#$ all the time. And they believe it.
  4. 1. Nothing will change if the police doesn't fine all those riders and drivers who all the time ignore zebra crossings. The police is just too lazy to do their job. 2. Anybody who lives in Thailand should be aware that riders and drivers regularly ignore red lights. It seems for many red is only red if it was red for at least 5 seconds or something like that. And because that is as it is, it makes a lot of sense to wait a little after you have your green light. And look out for the bad guys, just to be sure. In Thailand it is a very bad idea to walk if you see green only because in theory you should be able to do that. Don't do it! Watch first! At least if you want to live a little longer. It seems the driver was not arrested by the police right away. Why not?
  5. You should try one of those BMWs - if you can afford them. Most of them are fun, even without stickers.
  6. And in today's world they still f*%* and have babies.
  7. Thanks for sharing your superior knowledge.
  8. It's amazing how many people here pretend they know all the relevant Thai laws about marriage and sex with a 16-year-old girl. "The age of consent in Thailand is 15 regardless of gender or sexual orientation, as specified by article 279 of the Thai Criminal Code. The current legislation applies to all regardless of gender or sexual orientation." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ages_of_consent_in_Asia#Thailand https://www.siam-legal.com/thailand-law/legal-age-of-consent-in-thailand Hint: Only because you think it should be illegal doesn't mean it is actually illegal. Different countries, different laws, and different ways of doing things (i.e. sinsod). P.S.: I know there are some restrictions if the parents complain. But in this case it seems the parents explicitly agreed.
  9. They will just continue the trend: Suvarnabhumi Airport has already the world's tallest free-standing control tower. Suvarnabhumi Airport - Wikipedia Maybe they can build the new tower right next to that. I am sure the whole world would be impressed.
  10. Real cars make vroom vroom, every toddler knows that! 😉
  11. And I thought those smoothie shop owners are at least as smart as investment bankers. Any investment can only be profitable. Or not?
  12. The bar still exists. And because it is so big half the bar is always empty. Someone had the stupid idea to combine two big bars to create a super big size bar...
  13. Elon, are you so desperate that you are now in a Thai forum to sell your cars?
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