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  1. Thanks for this comment. I think it's good that we remember from time to time the good times which we had when we didn't have much money. And we still enjoyed life.
  2. And do you think it's a good idea to rely on a smart phone in the jungle? Personally I don't go to any jungle where I need help to get out again.
  3. You certainly had an exiting wife. Because East Berlin was far away from magical.
  4. Sure, smart phones have advantages. But I also listened to music a long time before those phones. And I used maps to make sure I don't get lost. And if I was not sure then I asked real people on the street to help me find the way. When I think about the time when people on the streets, in vehicles and in restaurants actually looked at each other and not at tiny screens I definitely prefer those times.
  5. I am not really sooooo old. I chose that picture for a reason. Because it represents (for me) the time before mobile phones became popular but not really old like the phone you show in your picture. I.e. around 1990 people still used those rotary phones and some like i.e. my parents, used it only for important calls like i.e. to a doctor. Chitchat was something people did in person and not on the phone.
  6. Now imagine if you would have visited a shop and would have tried a real good keyboard...
  7. Wherever you go, try to avoid Bangna Trad Road. Bad road, lots of unintended jumps, and lots of big trucks. No fun at all.
  8. It happens seldom that I see people without mask. And then there are the following options: a) The person is somewhere outside and a couple of meters away from anybody else. Ok, no problem. There is no reason to get upset. b) Is there a reason the person does not wear a mask? Maybe he/she is drinking or eating something. Give him a break, even if he only sips on his drink every 5 minutes. Should you really remind him he should change his behavior? c) Obvious idiots who want to show everybody: I get away with this. Don't do anything. It won't take l
  9. No, please give them free beer. Then they will stay there and don't close any other places.
  10. Personally I think the arrival of telephones was not really a problem. I.e. when I was the first time on a holiday in Thailand I didn't call anybody - that was way too expensive. A postcard, which often arrived after the return, was enough. And nobody panicked because they didn't have any news from you for a couple of month.
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