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  1. yeah, I have met guys who lost a bunch of weight - told me they used to eat 3 pound cakes w/coffee every morning but cut back to one... I think there is more to the story Maybe there is. According to them the walking was the big difference of what they did.
  2. Now the questions is obviously if the intoxicated driver is a HiSo or at least rich. After that is established then the police can decide how to continue with this case.
  3. Will now all mothers who send their daughters to make money in the entertainment business be charged/arrested? Or will everything continue as normal? Personally I think it's up to the (adult) girls what they do and how they make money. But unfortunately there are many mothers who demand money from their daughters and who know what the girls have to do to earn that money. TiT
  4. saw a documentary once abt taking ordinary people, somewhat over weight as ordinary goes these days, and having them go through a few months of training to run a marathon.. In spite of all the exercise hours, weight loss was very minimal. I know at least two guys in Bangkok who had a belly. Both decided to walk more instead of (motorcycle) taxis and both lost a considerable amount of weight.
  5. Live your life the way you like it! If you like food and drinks then enjoy it. If you like exercise than do that. If you really want to be slim then do whatever is necessary. But, IMHO, think why you want to be slim? So that the girls can call you sexy man? Personally I weight too much and I don't exercise enough and I am happy the way I am. I am no young man anymore and even if I would be fit and slim then I still wouldn't be the dream of 20 year old girls...
  6. You forgot the option: - I am not happy here. And I wouldn't be happy anywhere else, because I always complain. Unfortunately many people are in that category. Personally I am happy here. If I wouldn't be happy here then I would go somewhere else.
  7. Are you sure? I also like beer lao, especially the dark one. But it seems that is almost always more expensive than other beers. And it seems many people are not willing to pay more for better tasting beer.
  8. Kids cost a lot of money. That's one reason why I have no kids. And about retirement: Sure, it's nice to retire and then have money. But if the alternatives are working hard and saving a lot of money and then retiring OR working not so hard and having fun and not retiring then personally I prefer option 2 - at least in my job which I like. And lets not forget that there are many people who work hard and dream about retirement and then they die early or are sick and can't enjoy the retirement anymore. Carpe diem!
  9. I did mostly the opposite. Not too much work, lots of good lunches and coffee breaks, time for the girls, etc. Summary: If I die today and I have a minute to think about my life then I can say to myself: I enjoyed it and had a good time. And just in case I will live long enough until the moment when there is no money anymore then I can still remember all those good times.
  10. That's great news. Thousands of girls who normally do their best to help the tourists to spend their money will now concentrate on us, the "locals". More competition and no more crazy tourist prices. Sounds good to me.
  11. It is time that Thai parents (and not only Thai) realize that children learn from their parents and it depend very much on the parents how children grow up. And even after they are (physically) grown up a lot of their behavior still depends on hw they grew up. Children don't just become responsible adults by themselves. Why is that so hard to understand for many people?
  12. When will he be sentenced to jail for all the trouble he created in 2010? Some years ago he was considered to be a terrorist. He should be in jail for the rest of his life - together with the other red-<deleted> leaders and their master.
  13. Obviously you meet the wrong girls. I make sure I meet the girls who make sure you see a little of their underwear. Preferably a little string or lace.
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