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  1. Actually, hard to believe, but it is 21 days for unvaccinated ... https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/inbound-travel.html#quarantinemeasures2
  2. Yes, hold HK ID. I could not get vaccinated in time due to rollout delays here, and am bracing for the 21 days. Thank you.
  3. I see, thank you very much for that. If this is so, the only reason we don't see a lot of visa exempt tourists on the streets here is because of the 14-day quarantine? I suppose that by not getting re-entry for my OA, I risk possibility they may take visa exempt off the permitted entry list if pandemic gets worse -- and then I can't come back. Visa exempt and even O were not on list (OA was) when I returned from HK last December.
  4. i saw that page but it confused me. The top mentions tourist visa exempt but the later list of "persons permitted to enter Thailand" does not include someone with my status. Have you seen reports of people entering tourist visa exempt from HK recently and converting to O, without any impossible requirements for entry? Thank you for your help.
  5. I hold a US passport with Non O-A based on retirement. I am going to Hong Kong soon and was planning not to get a re-entry permit so I can return visa exempt in a few months and then convert to Non O at CW. However, on Thai consulate in HK's website, under non-Thai nationals allowed to enter list, I do not see a visa exempt option. List does include "retirement re-entry permit". So I'm wondering if I should get a re-entry to ensure I can return if the entry restrictions continue over the next few months, and postpone plan to convert to Non O. Anyone recently been able to return from
  6. Is it Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Facial Moisturizer? Where is best place to buy? Thank you.
  7. Seems Bangkok pharmacies no longer carry the Janssen brand which I had been using. Now see some locally made generics including one called Acnetin-A made by Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic Co. How to choose? Anyone found any of these comparable in use to the Janssen? I use for general keeping skin in shape. Thanks.
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