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  1. Hardly - it's reality. Don't bother posting inane comments - just a waste of time to read them
  2. Dead right - all Government Official Inflation numbers are absolute B/S (watch them yet again re-jig the basket of cost categories to minimise the actual inflation numbers). Happened before - reckon it'll be on again by end-March 2022. Buckle up
  3. With packeted goods, have also noticed the serves are much smaller when the price remains the same. I remember inflation in the '70s/'80s - fear we're headed there again
  4. In answer to the OP's simple question: * Yes - I am a Non-Resident for tax purposes, and have maintained a number of bank (and TD) accounts over the years - main one being with CBA. For all accounts, recorded as Non-Resident, with a Thai address and any interest is subject to deduction of final (withholding) tax
  5. Confirm with AA. But as I (or rather Professor Google) understand it: April International is a an international insurance services group created in 1988 - the leader of french wholesale brokers with € 1,017.3 million in sales in 2019 I also understand that "pre-existing" means 'existing at the time you 1st enter into an insurance agreement with April Int'. IT DOES NOT include any conditions that develop subsequently. Apart from being illegal, just imagine how folks in the EU (and especially the French) would react if a company tried to pull that stunt.
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