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  1. Right on! Everybody in a village has hens and a rooster. Too close for comfort. So a rooster thinks he has to mark his territory constantly, day and night by making his very personal vocal signature, heard all over the place. Totally stressed out roosters, affecting their life-expetancy greatly. To be quickly replaced by another rooster when his time has come. Rural Thais (after 77 Generations) are immune to such nightly noises. Not so Farangs. I have known a few Farangs that left their Rural-Paradise, due to noise from roosters, barking dogs, karaoke-marathons and the loudspeaker
  2. To take the US as a "measuring-stick/benchmark" concerning personal safety is not a good idea. In this comparison, every other half-way civilised country must appear as quite attractive. - Yes, I was here during "the great unpleasentness" in Thailand. No Farang came to harm as a result of this "unpleasentness". - Currently, Expats in Ecuador are beyond "fear-mongerig". "True fear" has become part of their early morning breakfast. - What do you think of the uprisings in southern Chile? Another "stable" South American country, so far? I happen to believe, that South-America as
  3. Woulden't want to live in a country where I'd have to asses "the regional crime rate" on a monthly basis. = Is it coming my way or not? To live in a gated-community is one thing, but having to choose between "gated-regions" of a country is another thing. Surely not my thing. But I think we agree: Where ever one goes, travel lightly these days. Don't buy. Rent! Only problem: The older one gets, the harder it gets to grab the suitcase and just leave, especially if old age rears it's ugly head. At an advanced stage of live, "political-stability" must increasingly become part of an
  4. Not long ago, Ecuador was high on the list of potential re-locators from Thailand. And now? Due to rampant crime, a country-wide state of emergency was declared. Parts of the military was detached to support the police. What country is next, south of the Rio Grande? Once more: "The doors are closing". One way or the other.
  5. When it comes to burn as much money in a short period of time, then Switzerland is indeed an excellent choice. One of the most expensive countries on the planet. - Gone are the days when Thai Ladies could vist a Farang in Switzerland, when only some temporary liability/health insurance was needed for the visitor. It's gotten very cumbersome.
  6. Most people find it too much of a horror to go from 1 to 0. = 0 being absolute "nothingness". That's why we had to invent "Religions". The most successful Religions are the ones that offer some "afterlife/rebirth". Other Religions, not offering this, have not been very successful in the marketplace of "Religions". Therefore, Religions are a blessing, giving hope to a majority of people, that "something better" is awaiting us. Without this promess, the thin varnish of civilisation would have been torn apart by the centrifugal forces of daily life for humans a long time ago.
  7. Yes, but this happens in nordic countries as well as in "dog eat dog" countries. What's preferrable?
  8. By all means: Spend it! But (if living in Thailand) keep the last 5 million Baht for medical emergencies.
  9. No wonder that nordic countries have a relative high level of happyness. Good health and social security net. "If one falls, he falls softy". No need to worry too much about random negative live-events that may (or may not) occur. This opposed to other countries where "dog eat dog" is the only way of life. But maybe we should take our clues from some US "rednecks": "Happyness is a cold beer in your left hand and a warm gun in your right hand".
  10. The doors are closing. Sorry, I mentioned that before.
  11. Hi Simon, sorry to read that "circumstances" make you want to leave Laos. Was always surprised that in an officially communist country you were allowed as a HAM operator (Espionage!!!). Your leaving of Laos supports my favourite mantra "the doors are closing". - Turkey and northern Cyprus is not a bad choice. The Turkisch Lira has taken a beating against most other currencies. Making your re-settlement less costly than before. Turkey has distanced itself from the EU and its "western-values" in recent times. A further strenghtening of Muslim Fundamentalism will have to be monito
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