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  1. "Other", I'm fully vaccinated with two jabs of AstraZeneca, thank you Thailand...
  2. NS4 - i.e. Nor Sor Sarm See - is the only title deed with the name "Chanote" - all deeds are title deeds with various titles... You can find the list of titles HERE. If the land office don't have a copy of the title deed, especially when it's Chanote title - I would be suspicious, very suspicious...
  3. There is a good site HERE with comparison of the vaccines. There are new types of vaccines in the pipeline for boosts, one of them gives 100 percent protection for all known variants of Covid in the preliminary phases, large phase 3 is scheduled end of this year, and if successful the vaccine will be available early to mid 2022.
  4. It's "green house" philosophy, you feel you do something for the climate...
  5. Fire in electric cars is a serious problem to handle and requires special knowledge and equipment, which the fire brigades should have when number of electric vehicles surge. In my Scandinavian home country we have a high number of electric vehicles, and fires in same. The procedure is the following... The only way to reduce the fire is to immerse the burning car in water or cool with large amounts of water, thereby cooling the battery but not extinguishing the fire. The battery must burn out until the fire material has been used up. Special container filled with w
  6. In a way I would believe that those wealthy expats the government wish to target to settle in the Kingdom, easily can afford the price of imported spirits and cigars; on the other hand a little lower imported spirit and wine prices would be welcomed by us poorer expats that already residing in the nation...
  7. No matter how we view it, and feel that it doesn't make sense to prohibit alcohol serving and playing pool in a pub, it's the law. It should be possible for us foreigners to survive some months without pubs and nightlife. It's understandable that the authorities hits hard on illegal pubs and alcohol, the last few times such incidents were discovered, they caused clusters of Covid-19; for example the so-called "Black Club cluster". On the other hand, the alcohol restrictions doesn't make sense if you wish more foreign tourists to visit the nation, or "wealthy expats" to
  8. Unfortunately many Thai seems to feel that they loose face, if they undertake a low level migrant job.
  9. Shops and restaurants are open, but no alcohol serving. Cinema in Lotus's has performances at 1 pm and 4 pm. Bars and nightlife are closed. Voluntary curfew from 11 pm till 4 am, so 7-Eleven and alike close at 10 pm, Hypermarkets and malls open from 9 am till 9 pm.
  10. By present rules it's 2 weeks hotel quarantine in Bangkok, if you don't want to use a sandbox; however it may change within the next month or so.
  11. For my 2nd AZ jab at Samui Hospital in Nathon it took 10 minutes from arrival - including registration and paperwork - till I was fully vaccinated and on my way out again. Very efficient and professional, thank you Thailand...
  12. 19th September Samui +1 case Phangan +1 case Koh Tao +11 cases
  13. It might well be a combination of both school and home. Most of us foreigners probably talk about other subjects at home than just what happens inside the nation's borders, and thereby give our child, or children, a broader perspective. When that is combined with private schools using more modern education material and methods, for example Cambridge books, it gives the students a very different education from the typical Thai family and government schools, where there however also seems to be variation of quality. I know village families that send a child to stay with relatives a larger town,
  14. "Those who have an appointment card for the 2nd dose of AstraZeneca on 19 Sep can go for the vaccination to Koh Samui Hospital or Bangkok Hospital Samui on 18th and 19th September. For those who have the given appointment card from 20 Sep onwards, please wait for the next announcement due to limited quantity of vaccines." Koh Samui Hospital
  15. Samui: 403 tested Covid-positive from 11,401 tests done over 50 days from 27th July to 17th September, which equals 3.5 percent positive - 46 percent of the positive were vaccinated...
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