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  1. If the schools can't reduce their fees in the current climate, they are just being greedy. Of course, they still have to pay the teachers, pay for teaching materials, licences, rent etc,. But school restaurants are closed, no school buses, no sport, water and electricity bills must be way down and many other possible reductions I can't even think of. Their paying customers (the parents) are either losing their jobs or their income, and something has to give.
  2. Those expensive fares are probably to make up for the losses on freebie seats to employees and their families. I know it's been greatly reduced due to their economic crisis, but I doubt totally removed.
  3. I had the opposite. Gave me the yellow passport, (50THB), but refused to give me the certificate. Told me that I didn't need it as I already had a copy in my Mor Prom app.
  4. I doubt very much that these highly paid actors working making films here even see much outside the film set and luxury hotel or villa they are put in for free. Waited on hand and foot, with maybe the occasional visit to a top restaurant. They live different lives to the rest of us. Lucky bar stewards
  5. It might carry more weight with the police if you all get together. In Thailand it is now possible to make a class action against someone.
  6. Regarding the paragraph at the bottom of the infographic about arriving on Charter flights. I read somewhere that Bangkok Airways are stopping Bangkok - Samui Sandbox flights from from 1st November, So arrivals for Samui from Europe that need to quarantine might need to do so in Bangkok.
  7. The Chinese don't tend to visit bars. Not big on sitting in the sun either. They come for the food, the shopping, and the photoshoots. and however polluted Thailand's air is, I doubt it is as bad as some of their big cities. Also. Thailand is a lot closer to China than Europe. Three hour flight for a holiday vs 11 or 12 hours for Europeans. Even allowing for the economic problems, the large population will still ensure large numbers of travellers. We shall see soon enough with both our New Year and Chinese New Year only a few months away. Social media will soon spread
  8. If you take it to an official Apple store, sometimes they can change the battery while you wait. I took my old one into the IconSiam one and they told me to come back in an hour. when I went back they offered me a refurbished, as new replacement for free.
  9. I would get more memory if you can afford it. Apps, Movies, TV shows, photos, games (if that is your thing), all take up space. 64Gb really isn't much. Plus the operating systems are getting bigger nowadays. A protective case is a must. Apple pencil. Only if you are really into drawing. Google "drawings done on iPad with Apple pencil." If you don't have wireless headphones and want to listen to music on it, you might also want to buy the 3.5 headphone socket to lightning adaptor, so that you can plug in your wired headphones. (I'm not sure, but maybe one comes with t
  10. Or undergo 10 days quarantine. I was hoping to pop back home to sort some affairs. But having to stay in a hotel for three weeks makes it very expensive, and that's without all the other covid related costs.
  11. Been flying back and forth to various countries for over forty years including business class. Have never been offered a flower, Orchid or otherwise on any of them. I would prefer they didn't waste my money on such frivolities. Spend it on serving better quality food.
  12. I don't understand why the hospital didn't issue it to you. That's where I got mine. Looks like you have come up against a jobsworth. On the facebook page below, it gives an address at BKK airport where you can make an appointment to apply for a vacc passport. Might be worth a try.
  13. Anyone know what quarantine would be required for someone exiting Thailand for less than 14 days? e.g. A return trip to UK for 10 days. Would a 1 night quarantine be enough? or Required to do the full 14 days?
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