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    You have a change to get a smack in the face by people who don't like that you don't care about other peoples health.
  2. A friend and colleague from me here in Thailand went to the UK to get 2 Pfizer shots, then traveled to Germany, from there to Phuket. Today he flew back to Bangkok and didn't have any problems during all his traveling.
  3. Talking in a normal way doesn't mean you are scared. Shouting doesn't mean that you have any power.
  4. There you go, an attitude problem. You can fix things while talking normal.
  5. Never had a problem in Phuket, Surat Thani and Bangkok in the last 40 years, that is my Thailand.
  6. Ever thought about asking someone high in the office you are dealing with what the want from you?
  7. If you have the right paperwork, money and a bit of common sense, you don't have any hassle.
  8. Utter useless again, most tourists won't come with a curfew, no bars and no entertainment.
  9. Read the part that i never needed them because i got my paperwork in order.
  10. You won't be asking about the past but ask to explain this fee to a lawyer
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