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  1. A Thai bank account isn't tricky at all, never had issues for years and years. There is quite some money there too.
  2. Maybe their is an option to print the form after you have completed it.
  3. They want you to fill in the form on their website, you can't download a form.
  4. From the article: Foreigners applying for non-immigrant (O-A) visas for stays in Thailand of up to one year are now required to have a health insurance policy with minimum coverage of three million baht for in-patient medical fees, instead of the previous 400,000 baht.
  5. FritsSikkink


    Can't you read? Never said that.
  6. Which isn't even true, most countries is 18: Legal Voting Age by Country - WorldAtlas Find another excuse.
  7. In the USA you can not drink alcohol till 21, so in your opinion they are children there? In some countries woman have hardly any rights, what does that make them? Some laws don't make sense and aren't a qualifier for being an adult. Some people look for all kind of excuses to have sex with children.
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