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  1. Thanks @spidermike007, been wanting to say the same for some time. However much people knock the US, and of course it's knockability right now is in the ascendant, over my lifetime of 74 years, it's been an ally, and a source of huge pleasure. But like with any friend, you have to take the rough with the smooth. But I ask the Putinistas, what has Russia come up with in that time? 40 years of post war cold war. No artistic achievement, films, music, literature, the fine arts, very little of anything of cultural interest, doped up sports people, rubbish cars. Made in Russia? Not a brand name I'm familiar with. But oil and gas? Yeah, that's it's good fortune, is all.
  2. I thoroughly distrust any advice that includes the phrase "... and you know it". Where the hell do you get that from? You use it all the time. It's offensive and condescending. No, I don't know it. I don't know you. And I don't trust you. I don't know your sources and I don't trust them either. You keep pushing them, as "an articulate summary of the truth". That's a matter of opinion, not fact. All journos in Ukraine are spouting propaganda? Opinion, not fact.
  3. Maybe not quite on topic as I'm not American. But up until a year or two ago I was a big fan. The 50s and 60s in America were the epicentre of radical thought, expression and avant garde art. Writers Kerouac, Burroughs, Ferlinghetti, painters Johns, Rauschenberg, Pollock, musicians Miles, Coltrane, Ellington, Parker and on and on. There'll never be two decades like them I don't think. When America was truly great. I find it sad to read endless gibber about Trump, Biden, woke, deep state etc etc. Wtf happened? It's all so beside the point! I still listen to my vast library of Grateful Dead. Don't care what you say. They were great days. Thank you America for providing the soundtrack and graphics for my late teens and pretty much the rest of my life. Hate to see you wasting your time on meaningless pursuits.
  4. Sorry but I don't believe this came from a Ukrainian. I suggest you've just written your take on the war and made out it does.
  5. Yeah, Russian majority because flooded with Russian émigrés. Read your history. That's how they take over, then claim they're going in to rescue the Russian immigrants. And Russian taught in schools etc etc. So you didn't know Russia was once a colonial power? Russification all over Central Asia.
  6. Where's the article for this? And the links? Google only has AN as a source!
  7. Oh yeah, he announces the destruction of the pipeline, and lo and behold, it happens! Bit of a giveaway, don't you think? Is the US really that stupid? Apparently you're quite prepared to believe anything Biden tells you. But you still haven't said who you believe did it. That video has been seen a million times. So why is there still any question as to who did it? According to you, it's obvious.
  8. It would be patently ridiculous for the US to follow through on Biden's geriatric pronouncement. There would be no cause for any further investigation if anyone believed him. In fact he could well be up for criminal charges if it could be proved the US had anything to do with it. To make a threat like that... But you don't answer the question. You just repose it. Same with @Gweiloman. All huff and no puff.
  9. You call me clueless but present no alternative version. Who do you think blew it up? And saying it's obvious is just condescending crap. You either state your position or....
  10. A kilo for 1000 THB? 1g for 300-600 THB?
  11. Yeah, so you've chopped off what prompted my responses, so your list is really a cut and paste job with no context. Fake, in other words. Unless I'm in denial? Denial of what? Your version of the truth? You haven't even presented one. Please enlighten us.
  12. Well, I'm not answering for 3bb, just putting forward my take on it. They say it's unreroutable undersea cable damage. Make what you will of it.
  13. I suggested they reroute, but it's the main sub sea cable from Europe. Apparently no work around. It's a massively complex operation to repair the cable, bureaucratic hell, dive permits,security clearance (it's in the middle of axwar zone), manpower, logistics, etc etc. Yes, I understand, but like you say, with no backup route, their system is flawed (note spelling). But if the cable was really that badly damaged, I imagine data throughout would be seriously compromised for really a lot of ISPs and data centres, and we'd have heard a lot more about it. Maybe it's just a server issue, and not an undersea cable at all?
  14. No, it doesn't. It doesn't explain why you keep posting the same message over and over. We got it! You love 3bb. Many of us don't. But the same people don't keep posting about it. It may not be 3bb's fault, but the service interruptions are tedious. Last time I called, 2 nights ago, they said June 25th there should be an update. But I'm not holding my breath.
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