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  1. It may not be that reliable, but one news outlet in particular (not sure if I'm allowed to mention it, PN) reports every day on the places where covid has been reported and published on the track and trace app, and by those infected, in Chonburi. Not one 7/11 has been mentioned, as far as I have seen, but a multitude of mall shops, especially in Central Festival Pattaya, and markets in and around Banglamung and Na Klua, have on multiple occasions. The malls have all closed now except for food takeaways, to be ordered near the entrance, yet the markets continue to function as covid hubs. Chonbu
  2. Many closed 3rd Rd down to Beach Rd area in Pattaya, and Jomtien Beach Rd. The killer blow was the curfew, 9pm-4am, and the reduction in opening hours to 4am-8pm. They lost 8 hours, and all the all night business.
  3. Yes, I think I'll settle for that. You're talking through your hat. Just reeling off anonymous data sets such as "government figures", "economic statistics", "tax receipts" is utterly meaningless. I'm going to dismiss your statement as complete bunkum.
  4. Err let me see now... Working on it... Nope, I guess you just made it up.
  5. How, when you have to spend 30 minutes post jab to check for side effects? Lurk on, Longtime, or should that be Shorttime?
  6. You should have received a "receipt" with your details (name, age, etc), the jab details (type, lot number, from which you should be able to tell thesoyrce, serial number, care provider), possibly passport number and/or a temporary Thai ID number, or normal Thai ID number if you registered with one, and all the other details pertaining to your jab. And finally, the time and date of your 2nd jab.
  7. Yes, of course, but there are pensioners who have other sources of income which push them above the threshold. But you're right, on its own it's tax free. But there has been talk of removing tax allowances for overseas residents. Seems we are a really soft target.
  8. What, £150 per week, after tax? A tourist might spend twice that in a day. Anyway, this argument has been done to death now. £26 billion the UK government lost on furlough scams. And over £2 billion in duff PPE. That's domestic losses from the scumbags back home, paid for by tax payers. We're not the bunch of criminals costing the country a fortune.
  9. But tourists spend billions of £ abroad. Try telling them they can do it, sure, but they'll be penalised for not spending it in Woolies.
  10. I understand, but I'm not sure how you figure "there appear to be choices". Here, I believe you have only one choice. Take it or leave it. Yet to hear of anybody getting a choice, like hmmm, I think I'll go with the Janssen, oh no, make that a Pfizer and a Moderna to go. It's not an argument over which vaccine is better or worse. Just what's available. And it's extremely tedious to have to read, every day, how cxxx Sinovac is, this report, that report. It is what it is. Don't want it? Don't take it! Simple.
  11. I agree. Got to start somewhere. Like you say, taking one "option" now doesn't preclude taking another one later on. I'm on 2 Sinovac so am looking for a single booster of anything but that, now. A lot of BKK hospitals opening up for registration. At last! But spare a thought for way-out-of-townies. I'm in Pattaya, it's not such a long haul for me. And one advantage of the Sinovac is the short inter-jab period. Only 4 weeks. And you could get lucky (maybe) and get an AZ as second shot.
  12. Oh, I must have missed the sign saying I had a choice right now, or back in June. Are you in Thailand?
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