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  1. Actually it's a board game similar to Jumanji. Roll the dice and heaven knows where you'll end up!
  2. Not sure how you know the people are from Bangkok. Try driving around Na Klua or Jomtien or Na Jomtien at night. Lights out, definitely nobody home in thousands of apartments. Sure, there are some nice looking condos in both places, but is anybody there? No Russians, no Chinese, no anyone. And with all night life extinguished, no real reason to come back.
  3. If she really wanted to make herself even more fantastically popular than she already is, she would waive her fee to help her country back onto its feet. But a million extra tourists? How the heck will they get here? A million Thai teenagers yes, but foreigners? Not sure about that.
  4. And this after they spent heaven knows how much on a massive flood prevention program.
  5. You keep writing subs like you have here in italics, any judge is going to throw the case against him out of court.
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