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  1. You seem to be an expert on most things thailand so let us have another go ...my wife is thai and we are intending to buy a condo ...how much will we save if we buy a thai registered condo in my wife's name
  2. i have a non imm o visa when i arrive i will apply for a marriage or retirement visa
  3. Hello again I have tickets leaving ireland to thailand 10 nov and return 6 feb this matches the 3 month visa which i have, but chances are the return ticket will not be used because I will get a marriage or retirement visa when I arrive. Now my flights are with qatar who will let me change the date for nothing or near to nothing. If I bring forward dep to 2 nov then my return will be after the 3 month deadline ...will immigration worry about a couple of days...ie should i change the date of the return trip even though i suspect it will not be used
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