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  1. It is 50 for a deckchair, 100 for a lounger on both Pattaya and Jomtien beaches. City Hall cap the prices.
  2. Tourist areas have been given priority so vax rates will be above average. Conburi's governor is claiming 70% of the province's registered residents have been vaxxed.
  3. Seen a couple of hotels re-open this week. Nova Park Hotel on top of Jamesons pub is open from this week. Also two identical hotels in Naklua, near the beach, have customers tonight for the first time in months. Anyone else seen similar?
  4. No, I am not advocating him as a leader. I asked you which current "true leader" you would wish him to emulate. You have all accross the globe to pick from. Also, if Prayut did step down, I do not see anyone from this regime who I would be happy replacing him.
  5. "it set me back 720 Baht" Seems like an inflated price.
  6. He is good in The Foreigner, as a Republican Irish politician (vagueish link to LGF). Jackie Chan co-stars.
  7. The Government needs to monitor Viet tourism very closely. As Thailand's biggest local competitor for inbound tourism, there needs to be attention paid to entry requirements and how and where they are being applied. What works in attracting tourists most and what deters them from coming.
  8. After reading the positive reviews, I thought it was a rather underwhelming film. The producers now have a chance to give the franchise a breath of fresh air and I think they will. I thought the black female 007 was a joke being played by the film's makers, in response to all the rumour mongering about who the next JB will be. I fully expect it will be a "he", white and a red-blooded straight chap. 007 is not a vehicle for the woke age; plenty of other stuff out there to fit that agenda.
  9. It seems that stocks of Sinovac are exhausted and all future vaccinations will be an AZ/Pfizer combo.
  10. Match of the Day Top of The Pops Cheers The Old Grey Whistle Test Coronation Street
  11. I am at the top of the hill in Naklua, near Brighton Grand hotel.
  12. As far as I can tell this rain has been non-stop since 3 a.m. and heavy too. I am staying put in my hilltop Naklua condo but has anyone ventured out and have any useful info about floods, canoe sightings, fishing spots, etc. to share? Stay safe and stay dry.
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