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  1. well, STAY are stating that. I ‘ve been there. the gym is a purpose built, large three -storey facility. point is its huge - modern- well equipped & staffed. check it all out online. ONSEN is sensational. 27k baht monthly all in deal, I suppose for a studio or one bed. thats 900 baht night rate . Five Star. Could easily stay there without leaving for that month !
  2. heard about this issue with US property owner in my complex not being in thailand to sign property sale papers. then heard he was in fact dead, his US inheritor family now own this place and that the sale process is somehow moving again. but how if the owner remains in USA ? any ideas how this might be happening ?
  3. yes zz and still nothing negative appears. except of course the usual 1/100,000 risk of blood clots, etc. like all vax then since the first vax appeared.normal managed life risks. on the other hand 97% covid deaths in UK / USA are the……..unvaxxed.
  4. tanomazu: whilst noting your quite different take on the two countries, your comments on “ pointless” Roman History and doing “any sport” in thailand are quite wrong. No civilization in SE Asia remotely, even now, approaches the Roman or Spanish Empires in terms of world class greatness, achievements, longevity & power / reach/ land held. Building great Temple Cities alone in parts of SE Asia is insufficient for comparable greatness. Spain was partly occupied & civilized by Phoenicians / Carthaginians from 800 bc before Rome replaced them around 150 bc. Native Spanish
  5. TL. my comments contained a number of obvious points. which were “wrong” ? and why ? 20-24 k typical annual road traffic death rate here over last five years is clear. what is it about statistics that I “ have no idea” ?
  6. “ long term ( vax) side effects unknown”: like what. zombie appcalyse you mean ? assume they are known. and assessed as Zero. since the protein spiking vax material leaves the body after two weeks, and all sorts of other scientific factors. ”(covid vax) used for the first time” (in CAPS). No. there were FDA / Equiv. Trials over sufficient time, as determined by scientific method. every invention has to be “used for the first time”, after sufficient trials. that’s how progress is made……
  7. all foreigners can get free NHS treatment in UK . they simply ignore the later bill which is never followed up……
  8. yes kwasaki: that woman was married to a spook so falls under US DI, er… no. so then SHE was a spook too to qualify under DI…. er, no again. she werent no spook, driving wrong side of road “undercover” in foreign land ! LikevSpys Like Us comedy !! ! jeez, stds at the Farm must have slipped drastically then….. no freakin way a dope like her would pass the CIA spook tests…..she even had to be told to leave UK by US authorities…… she’s clearly as dumb as a fence post …….
  9. there is no “discrimination” in this case (that I can see). if he wants to pay the 30 baht thai nhs tariff then get thai citizenship. if he wants best foreigner thai SS then get a Work Permit. if he wants to really go after anti -foreigner discrimination in a meaningful way , start with foreigners not able to legally own land here…..
  10. no need for any embassy, get COR from Immi. unless some party unreasonably requires embassy cert ( dealer ?). nobody is saying why normal Immi COR insufficient
  11. Off Topic but Came To Mind from watching You Tube too Much :- Life Rule: NEVER speak to any western Cops beyond minimum narrow range, at the stop, as below, without your Lawyer present, if detained / arrested. Decline Requested Search Requests.They are not your friends. They have conviction quotas to maintain to support their next promotion or to stay employed. On legit traffic stops hand over minimum required ID. Do Not Speak except to say I Do Not Answer Questions. I do not Consent. May I have my Docs Back ? Am I Detained. ? I am leaving now.
  12. Just Forget Laws here please ! They are not for farang protection. Too much focus on the CF ! Simply take the practical audit measures suggested here for the Common Fund. My very positive CF experience has been with total nine western Controlling Owners, decisions taken by verbal / email majority, work scoped & executed by largest Owner Resident Rep. (3/9 units), with input from other Resident Owners. CF cheques signed by that Rep and Thai Land Owner who runs the Limited Mng. Co. accounting- wise. Leasehold Owner Freehold Option taken by three Owners. No affect on CF.
  13. paid 10 baht for the Pink Card….. plus 1000 baht tea money… Interior Ministry issued mine.
  14. yes, zz & others: was naive here. only superficially interested in thai politics. more an “ action” observer guy……now understand this same rhetoric is trotted out every year…..with zero change in the schools……. so similarly no real expectations of govt land sales any time soon to relieve Poverty here either…..right, “move along, nothing to see here”…...
  15. Not Possible for ANY Royal Family member to NOT be covered by some form of “Diplomatic Immunity” when outside UK, for any reason. They would surely carry Diplomatic Passports. Otherwise the Queen, for example, could be “ arrested” by any tinpot little foreign copper or citizen, for any imagined “crime” or for any reason to gain some publicity or perceived advantage. Brings to mind the Bobby Moore “ shoplifting” incident designed to unsettle the England football team in Mexico in 1970. How naive to imagine they travel overseas as ordinary citizens. Although thats t
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