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  1. March 15th 1977 (providing i had the memory) so i could avoid meeting and marrying a hoar of a first wife
  2. Now there is added concern - the couple have a nine month old daughter. If they did that to a boy i hate to imagine what would happen to a girl , they should never ever be allowed to have children again .
  3. Because it aligns with the ban on sales at the same time which is just ridiculous and stupid .
  4. Prayut to control of the country via a Coup , not democratically from an election .
  5. The problem is they are smart enough to have it put in their name and nothing you can do about it .
  6. So these vehicles have to keep at least 15 kmph than trucks , just how stupid are these people .
  7. One military Government doing a favor for another military Government nothing new in South East Asia or Asia for that matter .
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