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  1. ... LOL, and what a big loss that is, darn it, the centre of the universe ain't attending ... Unfortunately some of us have to pay some attention to what these clowns excrete when the day is long. On the other hand - and especially on a world stage - nobody gives The Slightest for your misters lips and expressions, facial or otherwise, just as it should be.
  2. ... LOL, here's True Moves customer 'cares' reply ... >it wasn't us< ... as expected ...! Still not working btw. Of course I 'contacted my bank' - duh - and they sent it ... as mentioned before, I unsuccessfully tried 3 different providers which had all worked perfectly fine before, some for a solid decade ... Now forwarded to the bank to sort it out, meanwhile commencing business by handwriting orders, photographing & emailing them, jesses h christ ... >> Dear Khun Adolf, True would like to thank you for choosing in our produ
  3. ... 555, yeah, also known as 'common codswallop' but so be it ... A shame really 'cause the commiecreep 4 life would have deserved the honors, 4 shizzles ...
  4. ... yes, Austrian public broadcast talks of as yet unconfirmed cases in AT, DE, IT ... not fully sequenced yet. Sufficient to say the carriers flew in from the concerned omicronuos regions. Talking of which, wonder why those hypocrites left out the greek lettah before Omicron, LOLz ...
  5. Downright unbelievable man. Another solution would be alternative use of some kind of TAN app - of course only if provided from the bank ... some do and call it 'TresorTAN' or 'SecureTAN' or similar and some simply don't. Sure makes one independent from the clearly failing cell phone providers ...
  6. ... now, that would have to be solely up to the respective bank and while I'm aware of some German 'institutes' (maybe all of them?) not accepting any foreign prefixes there's no such policy for Austrians. Plus it wouldn't happen without preliminary information. No, SMS got sent by the bank as usual, as well as a couple others from other providers I used online to send myself some test messages ... no luck this time. It's just the local oxygenwasters that fail to either receive or pass that [email protected] through, that's all ... and for some folks obviously for quite some time now as th
  7. Gee-darn useless wonkers that lot, couldn't agree more mate! Reading about your problems I did some tests a week ago, knowing I would need smsTANs/OTPs today, everything worked fine. Then today it's rien ne va plus, nothing's coming through at all, can u believe it? How f'n annoying! That's from an Austrian bank btw, I certainly in decades never ever had even a single problem with the good paper-TANs, that much is 4 shizzle ... ==>> Here's the contacts for whom it may concern as well - stick it to 'em: http://www.trueiservice.com/
  8. ... yep, just an additional opportunity to throw around some money. Seems to work fine and not just hereabouts ... think of Halloween, nobody in at least any German speaking country I'm aware of would give The Slightest for that one like maybe two decades ago, now: chachinga ...
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