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  1. That sounds like a believable theory. If so, the Russians killed the best visa for Thailand there was. Pity all has to be effected and not only the Russians if they caused the change.
  2. Thanks for swift replay. Guess that could be it. But in all fairness, you still must meet the same financial requirements. Just it was not in Thailand. And now when they are raising the amount of money the insurance has to cover quite a bit, it seems like they just are trying to stop people from using OA visa.
  3. Did they ever give some official reason for this rule that only apply to OA visa? This use to be the best visa if you wanted to spend a lot of time in Thailand, But not staying full time. I used it for 6-7 years spent 7-10 moths of the year in Thailand. Since they changed it I’m not spending any time or money in Thailand anymore. But I do miss it.
  4. So no need for the spy app. GREAT, if his is what they actually will go with. I think I will do 2-3 month in Thailand. But I'll wait and see what the final criteria will be. Not getting my hopes up to much yet.
  5. As long as they demand a spy app on visitors phones. They will have very limited numbers of people coming. Intrusion of privacy isn't what western people want. Pity that they have so limited understanding of the people they want to attract. So the Thai economy will continue suffering. Quite sad really.
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