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  1. 80 baht for a Leo or Chang small bottle is pretty pricey. In LK metro, some bars have the small bottles for 50-55 baht. Even Beach Road bars sell for the smalls for 70 Baht.
  2. I am considering renting a car, something like Honda City or Toyota Vios, in Penang or Kuala Lampur. I'd rent it for about 1 month and travel around the island and return it to the same city. Does anyone have any experience, positive or negative, renting a car in Malaysia?
  3. Dear Mayor, please place public trash cans along all walkways and public spaces, so people can conveniently discard unwanted material. The only street in Pattaya that has public trash cans is Beach Road. Please also empty the trash can daily or whenever they get full and make sure they large enough to contain all the garbage that might deposited into them.
  4. That form is very confusing. At the top it says Personal Income Tax Return for taxpayer with only income from employment under Section 40 (1) of the Revenue Code Only But in section A it wants you to enter "Salaries, wages, pensions etc. (Plus exempted income from 5.)" Pensions are not income from employment. Are there multiple versions of the Thai Personal Income Tax Return forms? I am retired , not employed.
  5. Go to the provincial court to consult a lawyer, onsite, who will provide a consultation, free, for 30 minutes. Sometimes these free guys are useful and sometimes they are useless. You can personally file a case with the Kwaeng Court, no lawyer needed, but everything needs to be filed in Thai language. I don't know the location of the Kwaeng court in Bangkok. In Pattaya, it is adjacent to the Provincial Court, on Thappraya Road. Basically, the cost is very small, like paying delivery charges for the court summons, etc. Use this court as the first step in all legal proceedings. If you decide to go to a higher court, that court will look favorably upon you in that you tried to resolve the matter seriously before coming to the higher court.
  6. This is exactly what the people in Pattaya City Hall want, basically nobody to use the new walkway during daylight hours. This is supposed to be the way to attract tourists and residents. Amazing Thailand.
  7. And the motorcycles are on the pedestrian walkway everyday and night, which is illegal. The Police know it and do nothing about it. In fact, that driver drove right past the Police station on the walkway.
  8. Here is a photo of beach road pedestrian walkway in the afternoon. It's like a scorching hot desert, not fit for anyone to enjoy.
  9. The Finn should have loaned the money for land and to build the house and registered a mortgage on the house and property, in addition to the usufruct. If things go south with sweety or her family, it will be a horrible place to live with all neighbors who don't like you. At least he can leave and still expect partial recovery of his funds through the mortgage, either periodic payments or a foreclosure. She could make monthly or annual payments on the mortgage, he could return the funds to her, if she is still a good girl.
  10. Send her to Pattaya, she will fit in very very well. We welcome her with open arms, and hopefully, with her legs wide open.
  11. She looks to be in decent shape. Lots of lonely men in Phuket would love to entertain her in their accommodation, if she behaved a little better in public. Of course, all sharp objects and valuables would need to secured before her arrival.
  12. It seems many Thai don't understand that the trees not only look beautiful, reduce earth's surface temperature, consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, the stuff that all humans and animals required to live.
  13. How is this project being financed? Is Thailand borrowing the money from China? The China-Thailand high speed railway goes through Laos. Laos has been devastated with debt burden imposed by the Chinese railway. Lots of government revenues are going to service the debt (pay the interest) and other infrastructure is suffering from a lack of maintenance. Highways are a wreck, government is making special concessions to China just to get some more revenue to pay for railway. The train fares are reasonable based on Laos salaries but don't even cover the operating costs, and contribute nothing for repaying the capital investment. Is Thailand being sucked into the rabbit hole?
  14. Here are the Pattaya City Hall requirements as at 2022.
  15. These small town cops like to just sweep the incident under the carpet. They have little intention of finding the shooter, which is probably one of their friends who wants the concession.
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