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  1. For retirement, seriously consider Panama. Panama’s appeal for retirees is a system of legislated discounts for older residents. Women over 55 years of age and men over 60 qualify for 50 per cent off movies, theatres, concerts and sporting events; 50 per cent off the closing costs of home purchases; 50 per cent off hotel stays from Mondays through Thursdays; 30 per cent off hotel stays from Fridays through Saturdays; 25 per cent off restaurant meals; 15 per cent off dental and eye exams; and 25 per cent off airline tickets. It uses USD as its currency.
  2. Are the Canadian provincial vaccine certificates, without a passport number, being accepted upon arrival? They were accepted at the Ottawa embassy for the COE?
  3. No passport numbers on Canadian vaccine certificates. In Canada, Provinces administer health care and perform vaccinations, so the certificate only has part of provincial health card number, since the card number is confidential. Since my COE was issued, I am guessing the certificates were adequate for the Embassy so they should be adequate upon arrival.
  4. PM can say what he wants but there are multiple levels of approval before it is implemented and those approvals will take time.
  5. My understand is that the Nov. 1 opening is not yet official. It needs to be published in the Thailand Gazette, and it has not been published, to make it official. Also, the details and facts are not available at Thailand embassies or consulates in foreign countries, at this time. No, you cannot trust the spoken words of the government. Only trust the written and published words.
  6. On the Etihad airlines website is says: "Show proof of travel insurance - exemptions apply If you are entering or transiting through Thailand, you must have health insurance for medical expenses with coverage of at least USD 100,000 that covers the total duration of your stay. You are exempted if you are a national of Thailand or transiting Thailand without disembarking the aircraft." My Thailand COVID-19 insurance policy, not general health insurance, expires in April 11, 2022. My permission stay ends 17 Jan. 2022, based on "O" retirement. My return fl
  7. Can a person be refused entry into Thailand if they have a certificate of entry (COE) but don't have a phone capable of loading the ThailandPlus app? At https://thailandplus.in.th/en/faq-2/ it says "The Application is compatible to smartphones that having operating system of Android, iOS and Huawei." but it is not compatible with all versions of Android. Currently the phone has android version 4.1.2. As shown the attached photo on the samsung phone, the google play store says "you don't have any devices". Also if I do go into google play store and search for it by name, it is not fou
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