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  1. You can't trust the government to give it free to the hospital employees, and the elderly. Donated vaccine will most likely it will go to the military, police, politicians and their friends and supporters. If USA does donate, I hope they audit the distribution and ask for penalty if any is given to the military, police or politicians. They only way to control the distribution, is to do it in a public forum, transparent, by non-Thai government so all can see who gets the vaccine!
  2. Attached are the Bank of Thailand (BOT) Reserves. Note foreign currency is declining but gold reserves are climbing. Total reserves are declining. Hold on, its going to a be roller coaster ride, and a screamer on the way down! EC_XT_030(1).xlsx
  3. It's the super rich of Thailand that demanded importing foreign labourers, without a 14 day quarantine, without a covid19 test and without a USD$100,000 insurance policy, from heavily virus infected neighbouring countries, that caused this massive new wave of infections since April. It was also Thai immigration (Police) and the Thai military that allowed the migrants across the borders without following the virus rules and guidelines. These super rich owners of construction and development companies, many factories of all sizes, and of course lets not forget the merchants of wholes
  4. Same at my condo, all visitors deposit ID card or passport at security. No ID no entry. Good for security.
  5. University researchers find that the Epsilon variant mutations help spur COVID immune evasion. Studies reveal unprecedented mechanism behind loss of antibody neutralization against this pandemic coronavirus variant of concern. See here: https://newsroom.uw.edu/news/epsilon-variant-mutations-contribute-covid-immune-evasion
  6. In Bangkok, cash rates for USD, CAD and AUD are improving. USD 30.66, CAD 24.45, AUD 23.70. It seems like crude oil prices affect THB, higher oil prices weaken THB. In 2019 Thailand imported 932 million barrels of crude oil per day, according to https://www.ceicdata.com/en/indicator/thailand/crude-oil-imports. In the past year, crude oil has been US$28-42. Crude oil should be staying above US$60 for 2021. With a 50% increase in oil for 2021, Thai imports are set to exceed exports, driving THB down. As the Thai economy improves, more oil will be required.
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