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  1. How about similar charges for his superiors who didn't notice his extraordinary wealth and car collection?
  2. "our AstraZeneca plants were not yet operational" Didn't the Thai company that manufactures AstraZeneca get a grant of over 600 million baht so it could get up and running quickly?
  3. Did you have the a/c running at the time? The car will restart the engine for the purpose of running the a/c if it thinks the temperature inside is increasing. In the above case, you should see a message saying that its re-starting the engine for "climate control".
  4. The engine is supposed to start again if you apply the accelerator.
  5. Try putting it into park and then taking your foot off the brake. Might have to give it a second or two before taking your foot off the brake.
  6. "Let's say that's about 40 flights over about 13 weeks. " Is he saying a total of 40 flights over 13 weeks rather than 40 flights a week for 13 weeks?
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