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  1. The OP photo is misleading. Most, if not all, of what you're seeing is steam from the cooling towers. Even the visible stuff coming out of the smoke stacks is mostly water vapor, H2O being a byproduct of combustion of HYDROcarbons. That's not to say there's no bad invisible stuff like CO2, SOx and NOx. But let's start from an honest argument.
  2. I'm reading that they're rolling out SHA and SHA+ all over Thailand with the new opening. Just a day locked up waiting on test results.
  3. I'd disagree if Thailand had close to zero new cases a day. But with 10,000 indigenous cases popping up each day, the risk of a tourist fully vaccinated and tested before their flight making things any worse than that are miniscule. One of the appeals of tourism in Thailand is the idea that you can just hop on a plane with no visa, and virtually no formalities. Take that away, and Mexico (along with 100 other destinations) look better.
  4. Probably because they had less time to stuff their faces since it took so long between feedstops on foot. I'm all for exercise. But when it takes an hour of walking to offset the calories in a small order of french fries, it seems like the easier choice is to just forgo the fries if your objective is to lose weight. On a more serious note, most people who deliberately make a change like switching to walking also change other habits at the same time. I suspect they also slowed down at the all you can eat buffets at the same time they started walking...
  5. After my bypass, they put me on a hospital grade treadmill and measured the calories I burned. Takes about an hour at a very brisk walk to burn up the calories in one small order of french fries. Probably all afternoon of walking to burn up the cheeseburger that came with the fries. You can exercise as much as you want, but it won't help lose much weight if you don't get your eating habits in order. Just to be clear, exercise makes me feel much better, but not much lighter...
  6. This is one of those instances where Thai people know better how to work their system than foreigners ever will. If she can't figure out how to get herself vaccinated (with input from her Thai acquaintances), I doubt that getting a foreigner involved is going to help, other than funding.
  7. Yup. Stories like this will have the tourists fighting for a seat to Thailand, where they can be arrested for being in an open restaurant. As more police arrived many customers fled, according to reports from police. Some customers dashed into the woods below the Pattaya Viewpoint and others reportedly ran into the sea across the street to escape being arrested. Sounds like a perfect evening in paradise, doesn't it?
  8. That's okay. It seems some TVF'ers don't know the difference between "injured" and "killed".
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