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  1. On Tuesday 43738 cases in the UK, Thailand yesterday 8918. Can you blame them for being cautious ,dammed if you do ,dammed if you don't, overhere
  2. The problem with a lot of lawns I see on my travels is the soil under it ,not always of the best quality ,more than likely lacking in organic matter ,and a few I have seen has some Yar Con, Para grass in it ,which will show it gets wet ,Yar Con loves water which shows a drainage problem .and a lot of other weeds. Spiking with a pointed steel rod will help,and as someone said a long time ago ,cutting the lawn to short leaves space for weeds to grow lift the mower blades a bit let the grass grow up a bit ,might help choke a few weeds.
  3. She was in the right job, at the wrong time ,all the Thai media said was, Khow-Mi-Me-Brasopgun ,she has no experience, who ever would have been in charge would have faced the flack . As they say it happened on her watch, so she faced the flack You could also say, who decided over the past 50 years to fill in all the Klongs ,canals ,that use to take all the rainy season floods,in and around Bangkok ,was at fault At one time Bangkok was known as the Venice of SE Asia .
  4. That my son is BS, the only crop that is sprayed with glyphosate before harvest is Oil Seed Rape ,or Canola ,and with OSR a lot is cut and dried on the surface of the stubble for a week before harvest.,not sprayed with any chemicals.
  5. Look at the label and see what the chemical is if it is MPCA ?,it is available on Lazada. As for a lawn fertilizer why not just use an N. P. K . mix ,grass will still grow ,some lime applied say once a year ( Boon-Khow in Thai ),would help .
  6. We use Ivermectin,and have done for some years now ,we now have a 5-month-old puppy he has had tics and fleas, I have given him 2 jabs now 3 weeks apart ,now clearing up ,as the op said with this wet weather they seem more about.
  7. First off as you know Po-Yai- Bann ,then you need to go to your local Kaset-Amphur ,Agriculture Office and register there ,they should give you all the information you need ,once you get your Bie-Kaset ,registration certificate ,then off to BAAC and open an account . Daughter is already in the system ,I said how do you get on with payment ,she said their buyer pays them in cash ,with a receipt ,then again not so clear ,the government payment seems to appear ?? in they BAAC account ,I would say you would need to go back to your Agriculture Office and maybe BAAC ,just to check that you
  8. Wife's daughter said the same thing Hom Mali 15000baht/ton ,she said 14 Kweian , buffalo cart loads ,or in the 21st century 14 ton .per family . Again she said if the buyers pay less government/ BAAC will top it up, the bit I could not quite understand is, she said she will also get the 500 baht/rie ,looking at the link you put in the government said it does not have the money. I would say then the chances of them paying the support price and the 500 baht/rie will be slim ,I would say it will be the support price only. At this time Hom Mali is 15000 baht/ton, Hom Pattom , Khow
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