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  1. Er hello.... these are the rules of the country. If the rules say that you have to wear a Mickey Mouse suit, then you either wear a MM suit or suffer the consequences.... I really get p***ed off when posters spout about civil rights in Thailand. Realistically, and especially as a foreigner, you have no civil rights! Either get used to it or ship on out.....
  2. Completely off-topic! (Unless you link it to me staying in Laos and hoping to build their first satellite...) But all the parts are ready to integrate...
  3. I start to get my reduced UK state pension in about 4 years from now, (reduced because I don't qualify for the full 35 years, I was in Thailand). But that monthly state pension amount is higher than what I typically pay each month right now for my 3 bed house by the Mekong river in north Laos $1M expat medical cover, restaurant meals (salad) every day, petrol costs, electricity costs, internet (2 fibreoptic lines) cost etc etc. I think pension + savings interest will cover me just fine Plus if WW3 breaks out, I'm probably in a relatively safe place...
  4. Same as me! I was a Thai Tourist Police volunteer in Bamgkok (1 year), Pattaya (1 year) and Phuket (8 years) I always used to joke (sadly, it was probably true), that my role as a TPV was to protect foreign tourists from the Thai police!!
  5. I already left about 2.5 years ago, settling in Luang Prabang, in north Laos. Of course, my relocation was pre-covid, and was based on my perception of future uncertainty about the direction that I saw Thailand moving, in terms of immigration/visa rules, cost of living, xenophobia, 'paperwork hassles (visas, banking etc). I wasn't constrained by family or business - I'm divorced for many years and have an online job. I should also mention that I moved from the UK to south-east Asia almost 20 years ago for medical reasons (I have aspergillosis, a long-term lung illness, and sympto
  6. [quote] ...Had her lying down on her front for some reason. [/quote] That helps! When I used to get bad lung infections back in the UK (aspergillosis), lying on your front and hanging over the side of the bed helps to clear the liquid out of your lungs, simply due to gravity.
  7. I wonder if Lad Bible would be so keen to promote this convicted drug dealer's book, if he were a convicted pedophile. Seems that peddling drugs that cause misery and death is OK to profit from. Double standards here IMHO.
  8. Look, if the Thai government says that everyone has to wear pink undies because it stops Covid-19, then you wear pink undies.... Don't like the rules? Then don't come to Thailand...
  9. Yes indeed. Here in Laos, this 'poor' country joined Covax early on, and received donations of vaccines from the EU, USA, China, Russia and Japan, all given free of charge to Lao people and foreigners alike... I got my second AZ jab weeks ago. Heads should roll for what has happened in Thailand...
  10. The interference is likely coming through the air, as opposed to being conducted along a mains power lead. It is likely caused by the sparks within the motor of your lathe, so buying a new radio won't help, (unless she starts listening to FM). Does the interference increase in speed as your lathe motor speed increases? It's not an easy fix, because the sparks are often caused by the graphite electrical contacts on the motor. Did you buy the lathe new? If old, you could try replacing these graphite contacts, which is usually not a difficult task - electric power drills
  11. I usually walk into town (8 km there and back) to buy some wholemeal bread each day, stop off for a very decent salad and Lao coffee, then walk home again. I could do that trip in 10 minutes on my motorbike, but I prefer to walk for exercise, and also to enjoy the wonders of nature as I walk along, see what the village folk are doing etc. IMHO, longevity is all about eating healthily, doing exercise and having minimal stress. I've attained all 3 (I eliminated the stress by getting divorced for the 3rd time and living alone...)
  12. In a similar vein, is there a Thai mobile provider where the SIM can be topped up via the internet? Bangkok Bank uses SMS PIN verification for transfers, and since I now live in Laos, the only Thai mobile number that I can use with my bank account is of my ex-wife! This works OK, but also means that she gets notification of every expense that I make with my ATM card! I'd rather have my own Thai SIM card for verifications, (although I will probably have to visit the bank in Thailand to get my phone number changed on my bank account...)
  13. Lao women (not teenagers), are generally modest and respect Lao culture and values. Don't try to 'jump' them, since sexual relationships between a Lao and foreign person are illegal outside marriage - you might need to pay someone off! But that's not an issue, since you can jump the many Chinese and Vietnamese women that live in Laos
  14. Perhaps something to do with the long prison sentences (3 years+) that are handed out to anyone who breaks the rules by entering the country illegally. Perhaps it's the strict lockdown, where the village community physically barricade the road and stop people leaving or travelling. Perhaps it's because so many people - Lao and foreigners like me, have already been vaccinated. BTW, the new lockdown is only in areas where infections have arisen due to Lao workers returning from Thailand. No lock down in my town. There are very few community infections - it's mostly coming from Th
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