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  1. [quote] WRLife look like a good alternative, with their premium rates fixed until you make a claim. [/quote] Well, that doesn't sound like a good alternative at all! You make a claim and then they can price you out! Illegal with EU insurance companies. I'm insured with April International (not the Thai arm). Very happy with their customer service, premium rate for my age, payment reminders, country coverage etc. Can't comment on making a claim 'cos I haven't!
  2. On 25 November (I hope!), I fly from Vientiane to KL, and then onto Istanbul, with plans to either settle on the sunny coast in Turkey, or fly onto TRNC (Turkish Replublic of North Cyprus) after a few weeks in Turkey (Laos is on the red-list for TRNC, need to stay in Turkey for 14 days). The 'shove' came about because of my ham radio hobby being restricted in Laos (I've bored everyone before about this, so no more details!). In considering which country to move to, I weighed up the following factors: 1 - Ease to remain in the country long-term: As a Brit, I can enter b
  3. Zap the place with microwave radio signals, just like the Cubans and Russians do with the US embassies. The owner will go down with Embassy Syndrome (splitting headaches etc), but will have no idea that you are the source of their problems. I'd hack a microwave oven so that it zaps out 500 watts of microwave energy at 2.45 GHz with the door open..... Maybe AliExpress sells Embassy Syndrome generators?
  4. After the intervention of the police in my case, you might find a little difficult to get a ham licence in Laos.....
  5. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Actually, I'm leaving Laos in about 4 weeks from now. This is purely because the local police 'leant' on the amateur radio licence office in Vientiane to place restrictions on my ham radio operations. I had legally operated my ham station in Luang Prabang for 2 years, and then the local bigwig police guy got wind of it. Those restrictions impede my enjoyment of my radio hobby, so I'm off to pastures new! I don't think building RC planes classifies you as a qualified scientist Do you have relevant degrees in technology? Yes,
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