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  1. That's a convenient distortion of the truth and you know it. I've been living back in the UK for the last 6 years.
  2. And they had to pass through immigration to do that.
  3. I've been known to last up to 5 minutes, I'll have you know!😁
  4. In the UK the immigration Dept is employing Indian nationals who are waving other Indians through Heathrow Airport and onto flights to Canada, where they claim asylum.
  5. Sex in a public place. Only lasts 90 seconds. (I expect they were p**sed at the time also!). I'm suspecting that it could be a few of my British compatriots up to their shenanigans again!😆
  6. What's do say that the tax cut will be passed on to the consumer (end user)? Probably be 'absorbed' by the manufacturer or vendor.
  7. Many years ago I think I wandered through some private property in Hua Hin, I only realised after the event, it also was a property that fronted onto the beach. There were no fences or signs so that you could tell, easy to do.
  8. When I used to travel to Cambodia a lot I used to only take $50 & $20 notes with me, never $100. Not sure if they didn't want 100's because it took so many smaller notes to change, or they didn't have sufficient smaller notes to change it, or worries about counterfeits. That's my tip for travellers to Cambodia, never take $100's with you.
  9. When they're only killing each other at least it saves the cost of keeping them in prison? And they're obviously no longer selling their poison either.
  10. This guy had no banking apps, no plastic, no cash, no gold....nada. No way whatsoever of getting/having money!🙂
  11. A few years ago I watched a fly-on-the-wall documentary about immigration etc at Sydney Airport. A guy had arrived on a direct flight from Houston (I think) about 17 hours. It was found that he had no money whatsoever on him, and no way of getting any. He didn't even have the A$5 to get into Sydney on the bus. He was put on the return flight to Houston. I thought it was a bit bizarre that someone would do that!
  12. In the UK we're giving free money and accommodation to 'tourists', and there's nothing we can do to get rid of them.
  13. How long before he gets involved in the illicit drugs trade in Thailand and either gets shot or imprisoned?
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