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  1. About the same as Geordies and Glaswegians teaching English?
  2. I have an old friend who speaks virtually no Thai, and he's been living there for 15 years. His attitude is that it's easier for him if Thais just learn to speak English.
  3. Why should they? I never hear British people in the UK speaking French or Spanish to each other, never.
  4. That might well be true where most of the Thai employees were privately educated. At the level of ordinary people, taxi drivers, waitresses etc, the level of English proficiency isn't good, it's better in Cambodia, a much poorer country. As I mentioned in my other comment, I wonder if that's because UNESCO was/is heavily involved in education in Cambodia?
  5. During my many trips to Cambodia I noticed a better level of English proficiency than in Thailand, amongst ordinary people. i wonder if it's because UNESCO was involved in education in Cambodia?
  6. No tightening of restrictions in England...........yet!
  7. Some years ago an old friend was riding his rented motorbike in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, when he was pulled over by some cops. He was a bit worried because he had a small amount of cannabis in his bag. He wasn't wearing a crash helmet, so the cops said they would have to fine him. When he asked how much, they said "Up to you" (heard that before!?). So he handed over a crisp $10 bill. When he handed the bike back to the renter he related his tale of woe to the guy. the man became visibly angry and said "Why you give $10, $2 more than enough!"
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