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  1. Just read about Tarrent....gees at 32 think the Tigers are paying over.....look at the Cats ...think its from being swallowed up in a rainstorm there Fj, meanwhile the most unwanted forward of last years trade deal just signed up for life at the Demons....Simon cant get rid of MacDonald now....member for life.... Lets not upset Will......Ben Cousins invited to the Brownlow.....well im happy for the guy that hes on the straight an narrow....unfortunately few actually go the distance but not to rain on the parade.....go Ben go.... The worst secret ever on record is the We
  2. Well you know how it is....we were young and i could do better but it would never have been enough which i learned 20 years later.... jubbbb
  3. Martin is a solid contributor mr, i would have picked him as well.....now in the GF with a game under his belt will be better, a former Demon never understood why they traded him to the Lions, like Gawn still wasnt up to it when he left but to be honest Martin was mainly used as a center half forward with us, still lacking match fitness hopefully Gwan might find him out lets hope so....But i certainly would have him in the team as soon as he was available.
  4. The 2 end girls for the Demons women team men....from left to right....1 shes a 8, 2 is 6.5, 3 is narak mak mak but to short for football...8, 4, oh dear....im to polite to rate, 5 just hitting 7, 8 is an 8, pretty good set of bar girls there fellas, i havent been so lucky with quality when ive poped into a few bars over the years and lets not talk about whats on offer along beach road Pattaya after 9pm....... The freelancers that hang out front and a few moved indoors to Maccas in Nanna has taken a nose dive over the last 7 or so years, there there from around 2 pm and the q
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