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  1. I was prepared to wait and see if I developed any symptoms as I thought I may have been concerned for no reason. It was a little embarrassing when the wounds were cleaned, and the punctures appeared a little jagged rather than how a bite would be. They were possibly caused by a stick or similar, rather than fangs. I had decided better safe than sorry. I was monitored by several doctors and had no complaints about the treatment.
  2. Last year I thought I may have been snake bitten. I was riding an electric bike around the dam at night and felt a sharp pain on my calf. Found two bloody puncture marks and decided better to check at the local hospital. Sat in ER for some time, no blood tests were taken. It was just a wait and see. After some time, I realized there wasn't a problem and sheepishly apologized for wasting their time.
  3. I don't know any more than that, I've never met the guy myself. Many of the older locals tend to try ancient remedies before going to doctors.
  4. Have since found out a relative of the wife had his lower leg amputated following a bite.
  5. I'd rather find that Python than this much smaller snake a couple of feet from the door. The wife nearly stepped on it in the dark. Malayan Pit Viper
  6. Near Phuket's "Fight and Fitness" street! The thief is shirtless, shorn and wearing sneakers. Possibly out for a run, got tired and needed a ride back to his gym. I would start by checking all the Muay Thai and similar premises down that street.
  7. "In recent years the role of churches as sanctuaries and asylums for people fleeing law enforcement has entered the spotlight. People facing deportation for immigration law violations have sometimes turned to churches in hopes that a church’s sanctuary status will protect them from immigration enforcement. Churches that provide sanctuary to fugitives should take a moment to understand the limits upon a church’s ability to prevent law enforcement from arresting someone on church grounds, as well as the potential legal liability to the church, its employees, and its volunteers. A church is not a valid sanctuary against arrest" www.churchlawcenter.com I was once seeking a particularly odious character who was hiding in a house of worship. I was refused entry by the Imam. I was prepared to proceed, but people way above my pay grade demurred.
  8. I think you'll find overstayers avoiding authority wouldn't complete such reports. Which proves the point that they are useless for the function Immigration purports them to have.
  9. From Siam Rath: From the investigation, it was learned that MS.MARRY did not work as a source but used to be hired to take care of the elderly from time to time.
  10. Ideally, the dairy industry requires a cool climate, with good rainfall to produce nutrient rich grasses. Think about where the best milk, butter and cheeses come from. Tropical climate countries like Thailand wont feature highly. As others have stated, Thai cattle are hardier, with Brahman type breeds most common, and are bred for meat (which also pales in comparison to beef from elsewhere). So traditionally, Thais don't consume much dairy. Many are lactose intolerant. It's rather disingenuous to complain about prices of alien products when so many other things here are so cheap. With western influences, things are slowly changing, and dairy products are now more common in this country. Many years ago, a well-liked and respected Brit member of this forum tried to establish a dairy herd in Issan. I recall he lost all to TB and he returned home permanently.
  11. Just taking a lead from a former president. Donald Trump warns of threat of World War II, mixes up names of Joe Biden and Barack Obama in Washington speech - ABC News
  12. Apparently he's not chopped and likes to walk around naked in the women's changerooms. Would do anything for an Olympic medal. Probably ranked nowhere in men's swimming.
  13. Doing anything to escape from armed gangs on the roads of South Africa is more about self-preservation than bravery. South Africa crime wave: This cash van guard is just one of the victims | CNN
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