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  1. Thailand is not the best country in the world, but is the most suitable (ticks the most boxes) for very many retirees.
  2. This thread is nearly identical to another a few weeks back. I'll repeat, after my second Pfizer jab at Loei I asked about boosters, They said due in six months, they will contact me at that time.
  3. I was actually following the mercurial Gamma G, when you pasted a piece of rubbish in the middle of his thread. I checked back on your history to ascertain exactly how sad an individual you are, living somewhere you hate with a wife who scares you. I know you would never have the courage to tell me to my face to trot off ! I certainly am not, nor ever could be, a follower of yours. I'll concede you something, a few minutes ago a vender delivered my wife a couple of bamboo tubes with some sort of sticky rice concoction inside.
  4. You do seem to have a delicate constitution. Have you found the courage to ask your wife about the loan she took out behind your back described in your recent thread? The one where the Thai loans fellow couldn't speak a word of the Queen's English? (Presumably, you can't speak a word of the King's Thai!) To be forced into living in one of the most boring countries in the world must be torture for someone like you. Where I am in Thailand I'm hoping the sun soon burns off the fog and warms the place up enough to go outside.
  5. Er, yes. Origins may have been Latin and Anglo-French, but it has become part of the English language in the same way many other words have. 99 French words we use in English all the time – Busuu Blog
  6. Also just applied. Instant reply with password. A couple of weeks before my application needs doing. See how it goes then.
  7. Thai males have no business being in Pattaya! The city is a dedicated zone for foreign males and Thai women.
  8. There's no definitive answer to the question. People vary dramatically with their wants, needs, asperations and importantly, financial situations. Many pack up and move across the world for silly reasons without knowing what they are getting into. Without doing the research and planning. How often do we hear the old chestnut - "I came for two weeks, fell in love with the laidback lifestyle/tropical weather/hot, available girls/temples/etc., and stayed. " There will always be people who find it isn't the paradise they first envisaged. Others who don't have the finances to live in a f
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