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  1. Possible indeed, according to David Bohm's 'implicate order' the implicate is behind a veil waiting to unfold and become the explicite, who knows what possibilities lie waiting to unfold in the backstreets of Grimsby and the like, precipitated by a letter stating it is OHMS. The beauty of a professional army is that the soldiers should have an acceptable standard of education, an average intelligence with the potential for improvement and, here is the crux, be motivated and although a professional army is expensive I don't think that cutting costs by ripping a few pot smoking youths from the benefits queue is going to serve the country's needs even though some of the 'great unwashed' would no doubt turn their lives around due to the experience of discipline and a new found self respect.
  2. Defending yourself from within is better than being outside the sphere of influence.
  3. I can agree with that, I have been in our village in Isaan for almost 20 years, everybody knows me, I'm a fixture in the village, I'm regarded as 'one of them' as far as being a village member is concerned but not as a member of Thai society.
  4. That's no different to anywhere else, my father had an Egyptian business partner, a naturalized British citizen, he had been in the country for over 40 years and spoke English without an accent. He and my father were close friends. He was at our house for dinner one day and I was in the kitchen with my mother when we heard the two of them talking about business practices in different countries, they imported a lot, when the business partner said, 'we British........" my mother gave out a chuckle. She didn't consider him British although my family and his (wealthy) family had known each other socially for 10 years.
  5. Like many may be addicted to drugs and can barely read or write.
  6. Brits do have a propensity for being in the news for all the wrong reasons.
  7. Nothing to do with quality, it is untested in this environment, air intake and exhaust outlets will be standard, I can't understand the fuss.
  8. The brat wont taunt him again, nothing wrong with a slap that caused no injury, it's possibly the first time he had been disciplined in his life.
  9. You win some, you lose some. She has made somebody very happy, maybe completely changed someones life for the better, the causal flow of life is a mysterious thing.
  10. Why 'low quality' engine? isn't it a copy of a successful German engine? The engineering process to produce it won't be much different from the Germans.
  11. The guardian angels shirking again, how like them. God will have a get out clause, he was being mysterious.
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