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  1. Hope they were well insured . Such a shame just as things are picking up.
  2. The working generation now are worse off than their parents and due to demographics they will retire later and with a smaller pension. I worked in Germany most of my life and get a German pension, I was able to take early retirement at 57 and it is far more than my 34 year old German daughter earns and more than her architect husband takes home as I don't have to pay tax, so yes we are the golden generation.
  3. Yes, the French, Swiss and German embassies look after their people, you can still get the embassy letter and a Passport at the German embassy, even a lost Passport is no problem, I witnessed a young woman get an emergency passport at the German embassy because she was travelling on to Australia in a few days time and had lost her passport, all she had was her German driving license, they just connected to her home town and got all the info needed with a picture sent and she had her passport within 3 days.
  4. You are mistaken if you thought that HM government ever had an interest in its citizens. In my youth as a lowly apprentice an old man said to me, "If there is a war you will be called up and stuck in a uniform, if there is an economic turn down you will be unemployed, when the economy is thriving you will be forced to do all the overtime going and when you are old you will be pushed into a corner and forgotten", encouraging words for a 17 year old.....but he was right.
  5. Must be something wrong with me or I have become too acclimatized, I have the air con on at night even in the cold season.
  6. I only use my German account for online banking but never for online purchasing, I refused a credit card that they offered me and refused to have my ATM card turned into a touchless debit card, cash is king as far as I am concerned, old fashioned but safe.
  7. Not dead, just hibernating. When the punters return they will blossom again like the flowers in spring.
  8. ditto.....the police told her it was her fault and I was left with 80,000 Baht's worth of damage to my car.
  9. You can't trust a copper like an old time copper when you can't find your way home
  10. Has anybody asked him what he wants to be when he grows up? rather endearing in his innocence though, the bars and the girls will appear again as if by magic, can't stop a rolling ruble.
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