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  1. And just heed the advice supposedly given to the English Ladies in the Colonies. 'When being raped, lay back and think of England.' Perhaps the same advice should apply to British expats now.?
  2. Troy Tempest- Your chances at 64 are better than mine. Insurance is available up to 75 with some companies. But for me at 88, I think the chances of being able to return to my family and home after 34 years here in Thailand are non existent, should I leave to visit my children and grandchildren scattered around the world.
  3. 'As for bars spreading covid, we all know it's about continuing the emergency decree and suppression of citizens rights' ....As they have just extended into 2022
  4. You're not working yourself up into fury are you Billy? I thought this is what forums were for?
  5. Does anyone have one of these and know how to dismantle it? I've searched for info to no avail. I need to access the micro switches to replace a broken one and want to know how to remove the metal top cover. Going in from the bottom does give access to the switches. It was made in China for a French company. Any tips gratefully received. It's driving me mad.
  6. Information for those seeking verification of being alive for the British Pension Service. I have just returned from Bangkok Bank, Bang la mung branch in Pattaya where they issued letters for me and my wife to certify that we have had account there for many years. Our signatures on the letters should prove we are still alive. A good service and Bt.300 total for the letters. They should suffice.
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