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  1. Didn’t the people at the Elite Visa Agency advise him that he has two options to get the annual “quasi” extension: 1) Leave the country and enter 2) Go to Immigration and pay 1900 Baht fee if one does not leave the country at least once a year. Blacklisted and a 25,000 Baht fine after paying 500,000 or more for an Elite Visa? Only in Thailand. I would have called the Elite Visa agency from the airport and demand immediate assistance. Elite Visa advertisement implies “VIP” type service. I was considering this in the future if I decided that Thailand is the pla
  2. This is what I believe to be true for the new US Testing requirement. . If your flight is on Thursday at 2359 then a PCR Test done anytime on Wednesday after 0001 hours would be acceptable. One day before could be much longer than 24 hours before. This is why in the past the US CDC was stating 3 days before and not 72 hours before.. I am flying back to the US next month and I have found a clinic in Chiang Mai that provides PCR test result on the same day. Then I can take my flight the next day. This offers a little more flexibility. In short get swabbed on Wednesday and fly anytime on T
  3. I know an agent that can arrange the “no financials” Retirement Extension. She maintains a very low profile and I only know that she can offer such a service because someone told me about it. The last thing she would want is to have her contact information passed to someone who is only on a public forum. She only takes any new client only after a referral from an existing client. I have not used this type of service. Possibly other agents do not mind letting the world know that they can arrange a retirement extension without the “financials”?
  4. In Thailand Immigration Offices can have specific requirements that are not nationwide and not applicable in other provinces. In essence you will have to provide proof of vaccination.
  5. Yes they did but they did not close the borders and Thailand’s Covid testing policy for entry has not changed. Banning Southern African countries is something just about every country has done with exception of N. Korea or Iran.
  6. I believe this forum is not the right place for that kind of information. “Word of mouth” might be a better route. Talk to people who know people who can connect you.
  7. I have asked some in person and posted comments on youtube channels: "What is a Digital Nomad?" I have never heard a clear answer. I know some claim to be online video editors and some are actual coders so are these people Digital Nomads? Are travel vloggers digital nomads? Are remote workers the same as "Digital Nomads"? Are Ebay Sellers Digital Nomads? Are Crypto Currency investors Digital Nomads?
  8. 1. I Japan and Israel have banned all foreign arrivals. 2. The US now requires all foreign air travelers to have a negative Covid test 24 hours before departure. 3. Thailand has made no changes to it’s entry policies and requirements for all inbound foreign travelers. Of the the 4 countries actions which is the reasonable response to the emergence of the Omicron variant? I like #3. “Virus’s Mutate”. Even “Mr Science” the great Anthony Fauci would agree with this. Other mutations will be discovered. Let’s see how nations respond to the future mutations
  9. 99 % of the people there were locals. Any foreigner stood out. Many of the dancers were very young girls and some were dressed like adults with adult makeup. I did not want to stand out as one of the very few foreigners taking photos when it was very obvious that i was not a parent of one of the dancers. This was not a cultural type of dance competition(if you get my meaning). In LOS I am always cognizant that the locals are watching what I do in public. This is just based upon my experience of living in LOS for the past several years.
  10. Most of the contestants were children. Taking photos as a non-parent would have been creepy.
  11. I saw it as well. I was really surprised to see so many people packed elbow to elbow in front of the stage just in front of the Samsung Phone stand. Took a quick look, went down to Topps and then left.
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