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  1. I think furniture is well worth transporting to Thailand . Furniture is expensive and the choice is limited . Bright colours are the norm
  2. Many problems for humans from dog faeces . Mostly children that are affected . Can be fatal
  3. After a closer look at your years of experience writing English I can now see you left the sentence with Premeditated full stop . Very sorry to of not picked this up while reading . I do hope you understand how i could of made that mistake . Have a good evening Sir
  4. Australian Government sell there wares to the highest bidder like a low class hooker.
  5. The statement about opening times is not made by a politician.
  6. Manslaughter can not be premeditated . Only murder can be premeditated
  7. Premeditated manslaughter ? I had to say something to that comment . Never heard of the term before in reading about murder cases for too many years
  8. I am quite sure his union has been contacted from the word go . His union will play for time and please forgive me for being rather obvious .
  9. The family of the deceased should be beginning legal action with the Royal Thailand Police force for compensation .
  10. Underreacting has seen more problems from the beginning of this virus in March 2020 .
  11. No tissue or drink required , my hyperbole as you call it has an element of truth in it and is not exaggerated then that is not hyperbole . Have a good day Mr Blumpie .
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