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  1. sandyf

    Large centipede

    Found at the well yesterday, the tiles are 300 mm square. Looks like one of these https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scolopendra_subspinipes
  2. Yes the Thai certificate should be accepted but it needs to be correct in dual language, Thai/English. I saw it being easier to get the international than trying to get the detail altered. On my Thai certificate my name is translated back from Thai and bears no resemblance to what it should be. Also my nationality was shown as Thai. These certificates could be a bit of a short term measure as I can see going forward that the requirement may well be for a vaccination in the last 6 months.
  3. Someone else mentioned that and updating the app cured it.
  4. It doesn't have to be a flock, and anything bigger than a pigeon would be a large bird, as opposed to a sparrow. The aircraft was on a live firing competition so wouldn't have been very high giving the pilot very little time to react to a windscreen penetration. Windscreen/canopy strikes (and especially penetrations) were much more common during cruise flight than during operations at or near aerodromes. During cruise, windscreen strikes were reported in 28 of 83 cases for which the part struck was reported (Table 8). At least 18 of these involved windscreen penetration, and i
  5. I was on Buccaneers in Germany early 70s, being low level a/c bird strike were fairly common. I took a team to recover one in the north that had landed at a German base from a bird strike. Something about the size of a pigeon had penetrated the radome and smashed up the radar set. Pilot said he was glad it didn't hit the windshield.
  6. Quite right, but will be a long time before they get back to the "normal" extended waiting lists. I am not long back from being in the UK. When I went to the doctors I had to stand outside the door in the rain and talk to the receptionist through an intercom, hardly normal. North of the border is still the UK unfortunately, masks were compulsory in most places, no alcohol on trains, only a few allowed in small shops at a time with people having to wait outside in the rain, hardly normal. In England many have to take a test before going to work or attend an event, the recent chan
  7. You may be happy with the penalty attached to what you call normal daily life but I know many that are not. You should also remember your version of "normal" does not cover all the Disunited Kingdom.
  8. Back to normal? Try looking at the NHS waiting lists or book a doctor's appointment. People are dying while they wait and it is not from covid.
  9. So wait until the problem is well established before taking corrective action. A policy favoured by many. There is a saying about prevention and cure.
  10. Depends where you go, there are 3 Fascino's in Pattaya and they had different prices. I found the one on North Road and using their discount card to be cheaper than my local pharmacies. But then the hospital was about a third cheaper than them.
  11. Of course there is, buying time buys information, which leads to better decision making. Early decisions taken by most countries, particularly in the west, were the wrong ones. Remind me, how effective was the "bleach" solution?
  12. Fortunately it will not be up to you to say when it is over.
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