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  1. I didn't have a problem with the COE, just screwed into the ground by Agoda.
  2. You are perfectly free to believe that there was no dispute between the UK and EU over the initial production of Astra Zeneca production that led to cessation of export to other countries resulting in a failure of the original order for Thailand to be delivered. It is against the rules to call someone a liar.
  3. Apologies if I was mistaken, but I thought you said you had submitted COE application which would be with the local embassy. COE is not dead in the water, still used for land and sea. I suspect ones in the system will still be accepted for air travel in the weeks following any change that may be approved.
  4. A lot more than you or others would like to think. I use the government hospital at Bang Saen and other than the queuing it cannot be faulted. Better treatment than I ever received in the UK. I have just returned from the UK and you cannot see a doctor unless it is an emergency. The NHS is in crisis and the government are having to intervene. It is delusional for anyone to think that healthcare system in the UK is free, those that pay tax are paying for it, myself being one of them. I have a routine blood test at the hospital every 6 months and I can assure you there is no lack of l
  5. I know for a fact that a friend of mine in his 80s cured himself by losing weight. Didn't happen overnight, went on a very strict diet and took about a year I think.
  6. Not sure what you mean by "portal", The COE is handled by the local embassy. The rejection email is from a no reply source but in it there will be a reply email address, think mine being London was "consularLON4". No reason why you can't still phone.
  7. COE applications that were in the system prior to the Oct 1st changes were suspended and they started processing again on 30th Sept, mine was one of them. I was due to fly 7th Oct. Once they did start they were very quick, I was initially rejected, edited the application and had approval within the hour, and that was late evening. If your quarantine is reduced don't expect much of a refund, my original price for the ALQ was £58/night and ended up at £92/night.
  8. You may well be right with something working in favour of the foreigner. I was visiting Dublin a couple of weeks ago and one of the bars asked for proof of vaccination. We just flashed our NHS cards, he hardly glanced at them and said OK. A bunch of locals followed us in and he really examined their vaccination certificates, probably had one himself and familiar. Everyone had to fill in the contact tracing form, he checked the phone numbers of the locals, not ours. The question is, here in Thailand will expats be caught in the middle.
  9. Exactly. Some people insist on answering a question that was never asked which invariably diverts the topic in another direction. Entering the country is a different matter, that is down to the Disease Control Officer and when I arrived she accepted my NHS card but that doesn't mean that it would be accepted anywhere else, in fact the London Embassy would not accept it. I have contacted the Department of Disease Control on the issue but not had a reply.
  10. It may come as a surprise to you, visitors to a foreign country do not normally have homes there.
  11. I had to do Day 2 and Day 8 and I opted for Day 5, the test to release, otherwise it would have been 10 days. The Day 5 needs to be a same day test and the only one I could find convenient was result by midnight, hence the 6th night. Since then a 3 hour facility has opened and I could have been out by lunchtime on the 5th day.
  12. What a ridiculous post, tourism has been dead for over 18 months, or haven't you noticed. When your favourite fish and chip shop went bust, did it magically reappear after a few months, thought not. The past is past and you have to accept the future, or take the road to the airport. I had a quite unique experience a couple of weeks ago, walked into a Wetherspoons and got served immediately, Bob Dylan was certainly right.
  13. As a visitor to the UK a few weeks back I had to self isolate in a hotel for 6 nights and pay about £160 for the 3 tests post arrival, and you think one night is a problem.
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