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  1. At the moment I think it is only 25 or 26 countries on the E-visa platform. Only 2 in Asia, China and South Korea.
  2. Obviously you are not old enough to be aware chip & pin was introduced in the UK around 2003 and fully implemented by 2006, due to public reluctance and paranoia the US was 9 years behind the UK.
  3. Only a certain mentality would consider I made the post without first hand experience.
  4. Thailand offers visa free access to many foreign nationals, how many western countries offer visa free access to Thais.
  5. I just opened the account online using the website. I did get the phone app sometine later but never use it, do everything on the website. The card is very handy, I use it a great deal when travelling.
  6. Obviously there is no possibility of EU citizens overstaying in Thailand.
  7. China was effectively a cashless society before covid. The people do not want cash and they frown upon those that try and use it. The US was so paranoid they were years behind other major economies accepting chip and pin, still an issue for many. Conspiracy theories are far more dangerous than regulation.
  8. As suggested a Wise account. I did mine online from Thailand using VPN. You need to be able to do selfie on a webapp and upload it, also if you want the card you would need a physical address in the UK for it to be sent to. They also do a virtual card but I think you need the physical card before that becomes available. You can then have your pension paid into the account just like any other bank.
  9. I recently had a new passport and as far as TM30 was concerned all I did was take the slip, dated 2015 out of the old passport and stick it in the new. No problem with extension or online 90 day.
  10. When VFS first started up the plan was to deliver the passports by courier but it never came about, never bothered to remove the proof of address requirement. It was a global change from FCO to HMPO and other countries could be in the same boat. It was total chaos in the beginning, after about 10 weeks I had to get the embassy to intervene and surprisingly they did step to the plate.
  11. The text actually says " if 'you' cannot be recognised from the photograph in your current British passport," I can assure you that when VFS started processing passport applications in April 2014 that was taken as a physical "you", you had to stand in front of the staff while they compared your face to the current passport and the new photo. Certainly not a case of just comparing photos of the applicant. I am perfectly aware that applications in the UK are done by post but overseas applications were always seen as being more susceptible to fraud. If you are saying that VFS no longer carry out a physical check then I will stand corrected.
  12. The notification came following a BOT meeting held in January 2014. When I saw the bank manager to update my account she said other banks may deal with the revised regulations in a different manner. Looks like the BOT not too happy with how things were handled and stepped in again.
  13. The reference to crypto was a bit ridiculous but it cannot be denied the banks have the ability to push you in the direction they want. For 15 years I quite happily did all banking online and then last year the bank closed the online facility down. They said I had to use the phone app which meant a new phone, the one I had was good enough for me but apparently not their app. With fingers like cow's tits doing transactions on a phone comes close to worst nightmare. Who is to say in the not too distant future another app upgrade will not require a push up the android ladder. On a slightly different note there are 2 major elections on the horizon and it is just beginning to sink in how AI could be used to manipulate the rhetoric with very little in the way of preventative measures. It, or IT, is all heading in a dangerous direction and glad my time is ending rather than starting
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