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  1. OP, to what I have already said (see 2 recent posts) I would add that the fact that your father is dying is almost certainly significant. Even though you are not in touch, this news will have reawakened old issues for you. All the more reason to see a therapist, a few sessions talking about this will be very helpful. Depression is often related to bottled up emotions. It is also often related to loss, and while your father's death now will not be a loss, since there is no current relationship, there is the long standing loss of all you did not ever get from your father and those old emotions
  2. Suggested Bangkok hematologosts: https://www.bumrungrad.com/en/doctors/Ponlapat-Rojnuckarin (Sundays only) https://www.bumrungrad.com/en/doctors/Tanawat-Jirakulaporn (monday through Saturday)
  3. There has elsewhere been mention that people will be confined in hotel until they receive negative covid test result (additional to the negative test result 72 hours before departure). From my own recent exoerience in ASQ that takes a good 24 hours +. Then there is the question if when exactly the 1st COVID test will be done. Hard to envision it taking place at the airport and if people arrive afternnon/evening likely not until the next day. In which case it will be the day after that (and probably afternoon) before the result. I think it will end up being a 2 day quarantine on
  4. Specialist consultation at hospital will usually be between 1200 - 1800 baht doctor fee plus a few hundred baht hospital add on so figure about 2000. Do not buy medications at the hospital, if any are prescribed get at an outside pharmacy. For therapist at PSI I don't know, best to call or email them. Wellbutrin is an atypical antidepressent and would not usually be the first line of appriach. It is also hard to source in Thailand. For simple depression I think most doctors would start with an SSRI like sertraline. If there is also anxiety then might opt differently. Pa
  5. As I expect you know - but may be worth reminding yourself of - depression is a common symptom in hemochromatosis especially when not well controlled. Peripehral neuropathies can also be related, i.e. you may have Morton's neuroma, but you might also be experiencing neuropathic foot pain secondary to your hemochromatosis . In response to your other question later re Wellbutrin - there are many different antidepressents and the choice of which to use depends on many individual factors including, for example, whether there is also an element of anxiety present. Which is why it is b
  6. It is possible to self medicate but it is not advisable. A combination of counselling and medication is better than either one alone. Please see this thread: https://aseannow.com/topic/90910-mental-health-resource-list/ Where in Thailand are you located?
  7. The"extras" was likely contrast media. Even so, I have never heard of a CT with contrast costing 50k unless it was multiple body sites (i.e. not just 1 CT). Might that be the case? There was indeed an MoH directive giving a different price range for foreigners, however the CT price listed there is still under 20k (plus additional for contrast). Marriage to a Thai has no relevance to price. However, if he is covered under Thai Social Security scheme and has kept up with the payments he could have gotten all thsi for free at his nominated SS hospital. Did he r
  8. You do not need a "better hospital". You need a specialist in tinnitus to rule out any treatabkle causes. (Often there isn't one, be forewarned) All hospitals have some sub-par doctors, most have at least a few good ones.Nothing to do wit the hospital. Recommended specialists for tinnitus: https://www.bumrungrad.com/doctors/Saowaros-Patarapak OR https://www.bumrungrad.com/en/doctors/Chanida-Kanchanalarp https://www.bnhhospital.com/search-doctor/entry/3924/ https://www.samitivejhospitals.com/doctor/detail/chanida-kanchanalar
  9. The majority of medications can be bought at a pharmacy here without prescription. No need to see a doctor at all. Main exceptions are narcotics, steroids and some psychotropics. Getting medications at a private hospital pharmacy, unless it is one of the few drugs that are not sold over the counter, is inadvisable as there is a huge price mark up. You can go directly to a specialist at any private hospital , no need for a GP referral. It is not at all common to need regular calcium injections, what is the underlying diagnosis? Are you sure this is calcium a
  10. I too have April, I have had claims, paid in full direct to the hospitals with no problem.
  11. This refers just to the COVID insurance which is nothing new. It does nto say anything about any new O-A visa specific requirement.
  12. For the best you need to go to Bangkok. Recommend these experts there: https://www.bumrungrad.com/doctors/Itthipol-Tawankanjanachot https://www.bumrungrad.com/en/doctors/Ketchai-Suavansri if it is impossible to go to Bangkok, Bangkok Hospital CM offers e screening package for dementia here https://www.bangkokhospital-chiangmai.com/en/package-promotions/memory-screening-dementia/ But results will be reviewed by a general neurologist not specialist in dementia
  13. What exactly does the London website say? Whether there is a requirement for outpatient cover will be a key consideration.
  14. There are local brands of Atrovastatin and Exetimbe. (Though if youcan take simvastatin instead of Atorvastatin, will be cheaper). Atorvastatin: Atorvin, Clovas, Lipostat, Tovastatin Ezetimibe: Mibeaz. also an Indian brand called Ezentia No local brand of oral Pantoprazole. You might ask your doctor if you can take omeprazole instead, as it is readily available in cheap local brands.
  15. You should be able to get Thai brands of simvastatin at lower price than that at a normal Thai pharmacy. Boots and Watsons are seldom best in price. Ask specifically for "Bestatin" and "Simvastatin GPO" brands. Betameclomatazone is essentially same as betamethasone. Betameclomatazone nasal spray is available here is brand names: Beclomet Nasal Aqua (local brand) Beconase Aqueous (imported, expensive) Rino Clenil
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