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  1. There is always a very large mark up at hospitals. Never get medication at a (private) hospital pharmacy unless it is a controlled drug not available over the counter.
  2. Any pharmacy will have this. No prescription needed. Even small pharmacies have it.
  3. When you return ask about basic lab work (metabolic panel) and possibly ultrasound. I would also suggest you see a GI soecialist. Which hospital did you go to? And on a routine basis, are you taking any medications?
  4. There will surely be a health center mot too far away. And probably also a small community hospital within an hour or less. But what he would get at wither of these isn't much better than what he has gotten at the pharmacy. He needs a provincial level hospital or higher and it is possible to be licated quite far from one of those. OP- are you on any regular medications (aside from the things you have tried for this)?
  5. What the pharmacy has advised makes absolutely no sense and you will do yourself much more harm than good taking these things. There is no short cut and no way to treat this without first identifying the cause, which could be many different things (but is almost certainly not dysentery!). You need to see a doctor (GI specialist) and have some blood work done, among other things. Possibly also an ultrasound.
  6. As per my advise the prior poster: you should definitley get your BP down. If you can't do so through diet etc alone then yes, meds. Especially given your diabetes.
  7. Well, you should get your BP down. Whether you need meds fro that or can do it by life style changes (exercise, diet, stress management) is an individual matter.
  8. You could try Assoc.Prof.Dr. Songklod Iamjaturapat at St Louis: https://www.saintlouis.or.th/doctor_search/result?utf8=✓&doctor_name=&doctor_depart=&doctor_skill=6047192236e7e471eb000297&all=all&commit=search
  9. Imported drugs will always cost more in Thailand than they do in the country from which they are imported (usually nto the US, but rather Europe). there is a tariff applied on top of the original cost. Basically can expect it to be a bit over the full retail price in Europe or Canada or Australia. It is by using locally made generic equivalents that drugs here become much less expensive. You could have, for example, saved a great deal by getting a local brand of Levetiracetam rather than Keppra. There is, however no locally made brand of Pantoprazole or Temozolomide. (There are, h
  10. Are you applying to the Phuket Sandbox program or "Samui Plus"? As these do require proof of vaccination. otherwise, not needed.
  11. Off topic posts/troll posts and replies to same have been removed
  12. A number of inaccurate posts in this thread. A systolic reading above 140 and/or a diastolic reading above 90 - if that is your true average BP and not a transitory occurrence or due to faulty equipment (both common with in-hospital readings) - is hypertension and is a problem. At any age. Hyoertension is indeed mroe common as oen ages but that does nto mean it is benign in older people, it definitely is not. In OP's case it appears his true BP is below this andi n normal range.
  13. Yes - I use the "Olay Regenrist Retinol 24 Night Moisturizer" Readily available in Tesco Lotus, Big C, Tops etc and you can also find it on Lazada
  14. A post with conspiracy theory nonsense has been removed. There is no conspiracy trying to suppress ivermectin, and it has not been proven to be effective in studies of appropriate size and scientific rigor. There is a large scale, random controlled trial now underway that will determine whether or not it is of value. In the meantime, people need to cool it.
  15. There have been no reports that I have seen of fine being waived because someone made an online report that was not accepted. No receipt of accepatance of 90 day report = a fine. With my IO, if it isn't accepted in a few days, it never is - I have some that have been in pending stats for 2 or more years. Some other IOs may act after al onger period biut 2 weeks is rerally a long time. I advise OP to go in person.
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