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  1. The private sector knowing more about business than the government? Who would have guessed.
  2. The KMobile app can make bank transfers very easily with decent exchange rates. I send money to my US bank account this way no problem. It is a SWIFT transfer, so the bank must have a SWIFT code.
  3. In several conversations with taxi drivers, they have complained about drunk passengers forgetting/refusing to wear their mask inside the taxi. I can definitely sympathize.
  4. Come on now. These officials have shown compassion to the homeless throughout the pandemic. They let them sleep on the street rent free didn't they?
  5. By the time these folks realize they have botched high season, high season will be over. Another long difficult year for anyone depending on tourism. Truly sad.
  6. 2023 is very optimistic. In fact, I doubt tourist numbers will return to 2019 levels in my lifetime.
  7. My son in the US suffers with Crohn's. I truly sympathize. Sadly, immigration here is not very adaptive or sympathetic, which is why the agent is so important sometimes.
  8. He is simply practicing for the gauntlet, and being able to survive riding through a hail of bullets.
  9. Seriously doubt that this requirement will happen in the next few weeks. However, if it does, you simply need to find a well-connected agent that can explain your special circumstance, and find some means of dealing with it. No need to worry for this year's extension, in my opinion.
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