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  1. You forget that when found they were returned and that individual did not lie about them or try to hide them. Mixing apples and oranges I see. Try and look at the world through clear non rose colored glasses sir.
  2. Yes,Trump did it to himself. Much like spoiled rich people or even season ticket holders do...Don't you know who I am?
  3. Says who. Anyone who has in the past also has a gag order imposed. All Trump is doing is cutting his own throat with his flames....
  4. Not discriminatory in any way shape or form. If you believe it's discriminatory then you need to look at other visas which have requirements others do not. Case in point is the OA visa or extension of stay which requires a retiree to maintain health Insurance with a company from inside thailand, on a HI list, and show this proof annually, whereas a person on an O visa or extension of stay does not have to show this requirement. Many different classes of Visas and many different requirements such as showing 400k in the bank vs. 800k in the bank. My view with people who yell discrimination is that they have an axe to grind because they don't qualify to obtain said visa. The tax Exemption was a selling point for me as well as all the other add on, such as only reporting once a year, multi re-entry permit and not having to renew for 5 years to show I still qualified.
  5. You anti masker, anti-vaccine folks amaze me.....your type definitely win the Darwin award....
  6. Your view of the LTR visa being canceled will never see the light of day. A BOI LTR visa was a well thought out plan as it included many facets which work well for those of us who qualify. The tax Exemption was just icing on the cake for us. Do you have an LTR visa or are you just one of many who don't and have an axe to grind?
  7. Going to be hard to get the Health Insurance companies to write a document stating you've been insured for the past 5 years. Might need to keep the actual 5 years of policies to show proof. The pension income should not be a problem for most.
  8. Yet you state they don't work ie...not very effective by quoting Fauci. That is not what Fauci said or what other studies have stated. Use an N95 mask and you'll be fine. https://apnews.com/article/fact-check-fauci-interview-face-masks-covid-406605262832 Social media posts are misrepresenting what Fauci said about masks and COVID-19 and omitting part of his response. The nation’s former top infectious disease expert said mask initiatives may have a small impact at the community level, but in the following sentence he said he believes a properly worn, high-quality mask can be effective protection for an individual.
  9. Why do you believe masks don't work? Can you provide a verifiable study that's been placed into the medical journals for us. Anti-masker you must be....
  10. Used it many times with my trips so far since October of 2022 when I received my LTR visa. Take the wife who is from Myanmar through with me as well.
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