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  1. No issues, you should be able to go to a Walgreens or CVS and walk in as well, not sure which vaccines they are carrying.
  2. Just tried and it appears the entire immigration website is down whether it is the App for the phone or the computer. I disabled my VPN however and can enter the TM 30 site. The 90 day, well I hope it is just down because it is being updated with the latest information. The 90 day site showed I had a normal overstay for my extension date done in November 2019, and good through 2020, yet I was just extended until 2022 and they did my 90 day for me at CW 11 days ago.
  3. Having spoken with friends and my family in the US the large airports have vaccination sites on location. You can check on the Airport website. https://www.foxla.com/news/covid-19-vaccines-now-available-to-the-public-at-lax Here is the one for LAX
  4. Oh snap, and that is in the center of Thailand. Homegrown Delta plus?, or from a passerby. They need to get out ahead of this and do some saturation testing. Possibly? from a traveler going through the Bang Sai area that was asymptomatic of had minor symptoms and thought it was just a cold.
  5. Vaccinate the public, and ensure even the migrant workers are vaccinated and not left hanging. Create a program where you also vaccinate thos unvaccinated who arrive in the country just like the US is doing. Create an air of confidence that is clear and transparent and not filled with reverse image glass. To create trust in your ability to do the right thing, well then "Do the right thing" and no more smoke and mirrors and stop putting more obstacles in place just like with your Pfizer purchase, the Moderna purchase, and then the Donation from the US which still has not made it
  6. Unfortunately having waited for a year to return to the US, based upon wanting to be vaccinated first, and second waiting for the restrictions to drop for a return, I will now wade through the poorly designed morass of petty regulations as you so put it. If the issues in the US could wait longer I would wait, but I am now up against a time clock for completing the closure of an estate and taking care of some property issues. If I can still return with the few restrictions in place I will do it. If things change in the next two months before I am to fly out, I will just have the attorney nam
  7. Going to straight to YG entertainment with a big brown envelope upon contract signing.
  8. Thailand the land of copies and recycled and re-used, just be glad they are not re-used rubbers....
  9. There will be a few along shortly to disagree with you and insist the country will be back to 2019 numbers very soon. I however agree with your view, only those die hard folks will return and then many more will look elsewhere for first time trips and find themselves new destinations to return to. Cozumel Mexico and Baja are seeing a resurgence as well as Playa Del Carmen. Close to the US and yet no restrictions and inexpensive as well.
  10. Exactly CWS, the government buildings also gleam with sparkling cleanliness. Yet it's just the lipstick on a pig. Thai society and filth they throw everywhere tells the truth.
  11. Only way it could have arrived would have been via a traveler at this point unless the country is having the Delta variant mutate from within, which of course is a distinct possibility, and could possibly be from the south of the country or even the north of the country where cases have expanded. If that is true then it will only be time before it marches it's way to Bangkok. Would be nice to know of the locale it was found, and then if the person had been vaccinated and with what vaccine. They are so slow to draw out the information so folks can see the big picture if there is little to wo
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