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  1. I have a question as far as the ATK kits go, How do you get the test registered so it shows up on the Mor Prom app under the digital pass heading or for that matter registered on the app at all in case you want to fly domestically and do not want to pay the cost to take a PCR test. Talking to a friend this morning they said they took the test to a local hospital and had them perform it for him, of course at a cost which he would not tell me how much it was, and then they input that into the system. However, since they are for home use, how in gods green earth do you get it registered withou
  2. That is a great price as they currently range from 200 to 400 Thb in pharmacies surrounding the Area I live in.
  3. It will also work the other way as folks arrive at say 10 or 11pm, are tested and then the test does not get read until the afternoon or evening and a second day of SHA+ will have had to have been paid for as most hotels require you to leave by noon and at the latest 3pm, unless there are special conditions stated in the new quarantine protocols.
  4. Nice to see that the cases on ventilators are improving as the deaths start to definitely trend downward, however cases are still entering the hospitals and facilities on an almost even basis with discharges. In order for Thailand to open up the country they need to ensure that their is a certain percentage of beds available in case thigs go pear shaped. Of course this is my view, and at a flatline and the continued daily cases occurring and needing treatment I wonder what the available space is as of now.
  5. Had a great dinner tonight at the Wine Connection in Silom, only thing missing was a bottle of wine yet I was surrounded by hundreds of bottles that could not be un....wait for it...corked.
  6. Ergo why if you play by the rules as I have indicated you should never have a problem. Operative word is should not. I have only met one person who ran afoul of the I/O in my time here and that was because he failed to bring his prior bank book with him that he had changed accounts from. Even his letter he provided explained this was a new account opened up three months prior and his old account had been transferred to that new account. You need to carry all with you unfortunately and if they ask for something you provide it, like the requested TM-30 this year I was asked to provide. No is
  7. You just love to push agents don't you, do you get a piece of the action or own a company....lol
  8. It should have the update with the interest showing as being placed in to the account.
  9. Your 800K example as being an example why it is a prompt to use an agent is just not true, unless of course one does not meet the requirement and then plays the game. Many of use use the Money in the bank fixed deposit route and have never had an issue. Due diligence is required and paying attention to your funds is always of importance to ensure you don't find yourself on the wrong side and get denied.
  10. Maybe for you, but it's not an issue for many others and I refuse to line someone's pockets when it can be done if you follow the rules and have all the paperwork needed. Sometimes there is more than meets the eye in someone's post. A few have been caught out when the money dipped below the required amount even slightly and then when a deposit was not credited in the right month or was listed as an internal transfer instead of an International transfer. All easily taken care of if you pay attention. But hey if you want to throw away 20k because you don't want to do your due diligence then
  11. Why when it is so easy not to if you have your ducks in a row.
  12. Pretty much the new flat line with the main concern now being the cases rising in the south. Would really like to see what variant we are now seeing or if it is Delta why it has moved, unless fewer vaccinations and folks have traveled southward since the lifting of restrictions.
  13. With the relaxation for travelers to return to the US who are vaccinated and test negative before flying, and then the posted 1 day quarantine upon return here in Thailand after also testing negative before flying and then testing upon arrival, along with registering for entry via a new app we shall see what occurs. I have scheduled my Visit to the US for after the first of the year and then return here a month after arrival, fully refundable of course, pending that in the next 90 days the world does not collapse and the restrictions that have been lifted slammed back in place.
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