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  1. This article says effective 2025 https://www.thaiexaminer.com/thai-news-foreigners/2024/06/05/thai-taxman-now-plans-to-tax-foreigners-on-all-income-whether-it-is-remitted-to-the-kingdom-or-not/ The Thaiger article says 2024. It cant be 2024. They cant change fro a territorial based tax system to a worldwide taxation half-way through the year it makes no sense at all. Just the Thaiger spreading fear and clickbait articles as usual!
  2. Haha yea How can they change it for current year halfway through the year?
  3. "However, this rule will be revised again, effective from 2024..." It seems very unlikely they can change the tax laws for the current year, half way through the current year. Surely its a typo and means 2025?
  4. 4g. HOwever my other phone also shows 4g but speed is over 50mb. 4g can go in excess of 50mb
  5. So - crypto sold on an exchange outside of Thailand is only taxable when you bring the money into Thailand? In previous years it was said that "the blockchain is everywhere" therefor crypto sold overseas is fully taxable- even if the fiat money is not brought into Thailand (actually I think this was an idea put forward by some big-wig and not necessarily legal advice) https://sherrings.com/cryptocurrency-income-personal-tax-thailand.html
  6. News to me. Why doesnt anyone talk about it now. Whats different now and then
  7. Hi Can anyone tell me latest on where/how to get Ozempic or Saxenda in Bangkok? It is for weight loss. I live near Asoke. What are the prices? Best clinic or direct from a Pharmacy? I know there was another thread but that is old now. Thanks
  8. I used to use Finn mobile with a different phone and got around 50mbs+ Now i have Xiaomi note 10 5g and i never get over 20mbs. Its not worth me getting the higher packages on finn because the basic service limits to 20mbs after the "high speed" allowance is used up, and i never get over that speed anyway. I was thinking perhaps my Xiaomi note doesnt use their 5g frequency. My old phone was a oneplus 9 and i got very high speeds. Any ideas?
  9. Moral of the story is dont move to chiang mai and become an alcoholic
  10. And if you bought on overseas exchange and sold on overseas exchange, and never bring the money into thailand?
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