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  1. Somebody should tell those guys that the tourism industry in the world has changed its plan
  2. Plenty of Thai food in my Village North CM. Every times I spend a night in town, we choose Japan food… Sakura, Matsu, kitchen Hush, Goro, sushi Ichiban… Korean food in Central Festival.. And the very best Restaurant IMO; Arno’s Chiang Mai,..good wine, Australian Beef, Burguer..salats https://goo.gl/maps/TBwRVzLGVRKhY1K1A
  3. OP make a good question, there are two options, but the answer is a double-edges sword. Living in a village close to turístics zones, I can see how, again, are rising Virus cases. With unvaccinated population, closed businesses they are living practically in poverty… Don’t know really what to answer.
  4. In the market of my village in north CM, buy one Bt50.. take another one for free. The benefit of life far from the town..
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