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  1. Useful to know in some circumstances. I did try but it is not that good for browsing the Owners Manual.
  2. Thanks for the comments. I also have a Honda Scoopy and also keep the idle stop off but it remains off without having to turn it off every time. I then switch off if I stop at traffic lights with more than about 35 seconds to wait. I’m not sure yet what type of battery is in the Yaris. As you need to turn the idle stop off every time you start the Yaris I thought I would see if I could use it in a good way with it on. Concerning the Owner’s Manual. When looking for information I usually find the internet very good but occasionally not. I have had a look and actually downloaded
  3. Thank you G Rex. After posting I then thought a bit and decided that to keep the engine off I would keep my foot on the break pedal even if the rear brake lights are on but I still need to check this. But after reading your helpful comments it would be better to just put the handbrake on and release my foot off the brake pedal. My memory is now not good, I think after putting the handbrake on the engine started when I removed my foot from the brake pedal ........... but I need to check again. Thank you
  4. Sorry I typed wrong. The Owners manual supplied is in Thai which I cannot read.
  5. 11 days ago I bought a new Toyota Yaris and am happy enough with it. It does not come with a spare, instead it has the electric pump and glue, so before buying I did specify that I wanted a spare tire and they did provide me with a full size spare tire. I bought a jack and wheel nut spanner so I am happy. The Owners manual is in English but I have been assured that I will receive an manual in English 30 days after purchase. Thailand seems to like a lot of paper, I would much prefer a PDF computer file which must exist. I do have 2 questions 1. Originally in the foam that fits in
  6. I am still in Khon Kaen as I decided to stay because of much more covid in PKK. I have had my two jabs, first Sinovac, then Astra Zenica. My gf Pet has had Sinovac, Astra Zenica on the 27th of this month. To complicate things a bit, but I think for the best I bought a car a week ago, a new Toyota Yaris. so now not need to hire a car and can be very flexible on travels. Some might think I am a bit sad but I like to think very organised ...... basically 4 large white plastic storage boxes just fit into the back of the car with the rear seats down. In these boxes + a few bits like a coupl
  7. The Hash House Harriers is an international running club, I think started by the British. They advertise as drinkers with a running problem which sums it up nicely.
  8. A bit about myself. I am age 68 and from the UK, my Thai gf aged 55. We both like to keep healthy. We both play Patanque almost every morning, in the early evening my gf does exercise dancing in the nearby park and I play tennis. We almost never go out socialising later in the evening, ready for sleep about 10:30 pm. Writing this to explain that we naturally social distance. We rent an apartment in Khon Kaen. It would be ideal to have the covid-19 vaccine tomorrow and give notice to leave our apartment, but that is not going to happen. There is a low number, sometimes ze
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