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  1. Is he herring you correctly? Maybe tell him to rollmop with it
  2. Damn you beat me....... I ought to batter you...or perhaps just give you a smackerel
  3. I think that's what @xylophone means (?) Vaccinations are the seatbelt (what's a self belt?) to protect against Covid. Or if you like, there's "adventure and experiences," which entail risk and then there are unnecessary and pointless risks. In my very small way, I've taken a few risks in the name of "adventure and experiences", Off-road driving in ice and snow, wadi-bashing, SCUBA but I've also taken vaccinations where advisable all through my life. Am now waiting for the marvellous NHS to offer me my "old fart's" Covid booster - and yes, I know how lucky i am.
  4. Yes it has, Here is the latest official information for ENGLAND as of 19:00 BST September 17 They will apply from 4am Monday 4 October 2021 Red, amber, green lists: check the rules for travel to England from abroad
  5. Nah......Just let The Muppet Show continue, but as ever "Consider the source" - it's usually the same few! Can always "Ignore User" but where would we get our laughs from?
  6. That's something of an exaggeration don't you think? I should doubt any markets other than Thailand's will be greatly affected. Be interesting to see which way the Baht goes though.... And Crypto a safe haven? Please!!!
  7. Thailand's answer to Sir Humphrey Appleby! (Yes Minister) or could he aspire to being Donald Rumsfeld?
  8. Actually it reminds me of Spike Milligan's line "Follow me, I'll be right behind you"
  9. Thanks....I was getting to the point of exasperation with this individual and don't wish to be banned from the forum. Anything else I had said.......
  10. I can assure you that I am not "the xylophone guy" and your description of my opinions is, frankly, risible. The very use of the term "pro-experimental vaxxers" exposes your lack of accurate information - once again Conspiracy Theory dogma. Let the educated, intelligent members of the forum be the judges - I shall no longer respond to you Sir, Madam or whatever you may be. If you wish to have the last word, have at it. Good Day.
  11. No I don't - I share my "uninformed opinions" with more educated and competent people than you will ever know. Furthermore your reference to "big pharma propaganda" comes straight out the Conspiracy Theory dogma generally supported by those blinded by the light emitted from the bottoms of people like David Icke and so-called "Forbidden Knowledge" "Big Pharma", so-called, is keeping me alive and healthy as are the other, educated and competent people to whom I refer. Now kindly go away and play with the other impressionable children.
  12. It's the SCIENCE (and dedicated SCIENTISTS) that have produced the vaccine - watch my link above and grow up!
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