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  1. How much are you allowed to gift the Thai wife each year? what is the tax threshold for a child's allowance/income?
  2. where was i arguing over who conducts the auction? i simply said "they" (referring to whoever does conduct the auction) you have put RTP watch auctions in quotes please do point out where i myself typed that you do know how quotes work right? as for watches "they" auctioned them (they being any gov department, petty detail does not matter, all gov employees) https://timeandtidewatches.com/thai-customs-admits-selling-fake-luxury-watches-in-auction-including-pieces-from-rolex-patek-philippe-and-richard-mille/
  3. no green book is not proof of scam, as in take money and run, if that was the scam they would have much more success providing a fake scan of fake green book etc many bikes are sold here without the green book, not a scam, just how it is. many are not stolen too, i have a bike that does not have a green book, simply due to being misplaced over the years and never being needed as the bike never makes it outside the village if it ever makes it off our land. All that said, i wouldn't, just not worth the possible head ache, unless buying for parts or to only use on your own land.
  4. go and explore Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam for a month before you head home "for good"
  5. What is keeping you here?
  6. what is scary is seeing shows like upload, where they have digital heavens, and realising we already have the tech to fake such a service
  7. might be worth first deciding how you will live to try and minimize any medical needs then decide what you would be willing to live and what you would want treatment for then price up the cost to fly elsewhere for certain treatments compared to here. If you have pre-existing conditions that will void most insurance claims you may need quite a bit put aside to be treated here.
  8. "The best defence is no be there" -Mr. Miyagi
  9. De Niro is an actor. his words are paid for.
  10. check in as you normally would then just go chill in whichever VIP lounge your ticket permits be aware your lounge may still be quite a distance from your gate. not here, but other airports/countries i have turned up the night before my early flight no problem go to lounge enjoy an evening buffet, with open bar (i don't drink tho) then have shower, go to sleep on a nice comfy recliner in quiet corner, wake up, buffet breakfast, shower, then go to gate if flying biz or first class, you can avoid any stress by arriving early and waiting comfortably Tip: many do not realise you can buy fast track and lounge access at most airports regardless of ticket and usually not too much, like $30-50
  11. if you have to ask someone, you are already taking too much risk. An investment advisor is like paying someone to choose what number to place your chips on.
  12. why would you need US ph# to get text from a Thai bank? or are you asking if one number can do both? diff country but just for reference i use a Thai number to receive 2FA text and calls from my UK bank no issue most finance companies allow this as it is very normal for people to travel and this is usually when blocks are put on cards
  13. right now, it would make zero sense for myself to buy any car but that said, the best thing for an EV for a solar owner is using the EV as extra storage for the house but still makes no financial sense, as batteries are much cheaper and i already have a car
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